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  1. I think BBC should hire Andy Gray for the duration of world cups, mainly because of his extreme enthusiasm, and also, if anyone heard him when Gerrard scored in the champs league and the FA cup final, that is justification in itself!
  2. I can not beleive some people on here, they are so short sighted, you moan and groan at Greeno for long ball, give him loads of stick and then get the hump when you get some back, or of course he could listen to you and throw out to flem, oh yes, he did and i seem to remember flem take one look upfield and the what.... yes he hoofed it long, so what have we gained exactly, absolutely piss all what difference if Greeno or Flem hoof the ball long, if we actually had a midfield who could pass to a yellow shirt we would not need to play long ball, even Etuhu can''t make the side, how crap is our midfield if he can''t get in for goodness sake   Rant over
  3. I got an interesting one, maybe we are not the only ones who know..........   http://thesurrealist.co.uk/slogan.cgi?word=nigel
  4. I totally agree, i don''t see a problem with booing a team, at the end of the day, we pay to be entertained and see effort, and if they are payed good money, they should expect some stick if they dont perform, i will happily swap places with them if they dont like it!
  5. [quote user="king of latvia"][quote user="Meeky"] All Protestors - please keep to the following during the short march and protest.       All chants should be about Worthington and aimed at the board. Barry Skipper chants welcome. No negatives about our players. Keep it peaceful. It is a family day. Be friendly. Co-operate with the authorities - we have been liasing with them. They are there for our safety. Do not be confrontational. Have some songs and chanting in support for our players and the team! This will do no harm. Show we are Norwich fans with a heart and passion. At 2pm we should all meet on the pavement just after the Friendship Bridge (just before the Swimming Pool) on the left hand side pavement as your approach the ground. This way we do not block the Swimming Pools car park, which is in constant use. From there we slowly move to Carrow Road. The aim is to head towards the main entrance of the football club at Carrow Road where previous protests have been held. To keep the Police happy, we should remain on the pavement at the back - allowing other fans to pass. Please refrain from swearing - as it is a family day. The press will pick up on this, more so Barry Skipper. Remember the press will be there in force, also TV and Radio. Smile for them. Be vocal. Be colourful. Be happy. [/quote] what are you talking about keep it peacefull its a family day out. how do you think mr worthington and his family will feel this is becoming a witch hunt , norwich city are a family club,  get a grip and stop protesting and put more energy in getting behind the team and the manager. shame on you so called city fans. [:$][:@] [/quote]   We have put all our energy into getting behind the team, just as we still do, but after all the backing you give a club, you expect results, and that clearly has not happened, so before you start questioning ''so called city fans'' think what your saying. Yes NCFC might be a family club, but it is also a professional club, with highly paid players and a highly payed MANAGER, who, believe it or not are payed to do a job, and sadly they are not, but the players seem fine when on loan at other clubs, sort of points to one man really
  6. [quote user="FilletTheFishWife ."] "Ashton stayed after we were relegated to TRY and help us get promotion again" Shame he didn''t try harder. And yes, it was 2 seasons not 3 but the good times seem so long ago that i got carried away with the nostalgia. [/quote] Although i see your point fillet, it has not been just his doing that we are where we are is it, he tried and did not do what we needed, but then, who has this season, aside from the defence, we have been shocking on the most part
  7. I appologise for touching on old subjects, but surely worthy has to go now, he gave us some good memories, but this is appalling, it is the first time in 6 years i have been so pissed off with the chore of going to Carrow Road. Unfortunately, to all of you saying you''re not going to attend anymore, their are thousands waiting to take your place, so this will not work, protests however do, so i will be voicing my opinion at the Brighton game, and Worthy, I know it is valentines day, but beleive me, their really is not much love going to be sent in your direction! Hmmmmm.......maybe we could get Sven after the world cup, then we could not blame the manager for the team and tactics, because the players would be picking them.
  8. I unfortunately have a 3 year season ticket, so unable to stop going, however even if i had a choice, i think i would have to keep going, Carrow Road is like a drug, the build up is great, just sometimes a disapointment and an anti climax, perhaps we should hope Worthy takes note of his quotes asking for honesty, and do the decent honest thing.
  9. [quote user="FilletTheFishWife ."] Get over it. If he had applied himself a bit more and put away more of the golden chances he had we would be in the play-offs. Or was that Worthy shooting wide , over the bar etc and mooching around with the air of someone who blatantly didn''t want to wear the Norwich shirt? And don''t forget he wanted to leave. Like Francis except for some absurd reasoning Damien (who gave us 3 years including a vital part in promotion) is the devil whilst the latter who barely made 12 months is a God. Let''s have some consistency please.   [/quote] The difference between Ashton and Francis? Ashton stayed after we were relegated to TRY and help us get promotion again, Francis wanted out as soon as we were relegated, yes he may of given us 3 seasons, the championship season he was superb, halfway through the prem season, he was a nobody. Ashton is better than the championship and deserved a move away to further himself, i think Francis has done a decent job of proving he is not light years ahead of the championship, unless you can count benchwarming as an improvement......
  10. Congratulations Deano, back where you belong! And scoring goals, just goes to prove, you provide for the man, he scores
  11. I understand how a lot of people are asking for the young generation to be given a chance, i for one woud love to see it, however on the flip side, as we are not performing to the standards we all expected, would it be a good idea to put young inexpeianced players in, where the fans might get on their back when things dont go well, as it may destroy them as players, just look at henderson for example, plays out of his skin for the England under 21''s, not for us though........
  12. Is that we just seem absolutelely clueless, and i mean that in the sense of, we dont seem to have any ideas of how to break down teams or unlock defences.  it was hard work on saturday watching, we had no creativity, no ideas and just resorted to hitting long balls to Ashton, great tactic for 2 minutes until defenders suss it out and jus either put the tall man on him or two on him. 2 years ago we ripped teams apart, now we couldn''t rip a wet paper bag apart, worthington, what are you going to do you''re in charge that is what you told us fans a few weeks ago, well start doing your job then, oh and by the way nigel, Danny crow scored a beauty yesterday, but he was rubbish wasn''t he or did you get rid of him because he didn''t fit in, was lazy etc etc.
  13. my fave is, when i was, a little boy my mum bought me, a little toy an ipswich fan, on a string so what could i do, you all know the rest, ahem.
  14. like i said in one of my threads, no mad, sunderland were worse off than us at this stage and won the league by 9 points, i personally think that we will come good, every team has a bad spell, maybe, just maybe we have already had ours.
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