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  1. you got to admire the bloke , he''s certainly convincing old david sheepshanks........... kinda reminds me of a phrase your''d say if your clinging to your job......... but how about this for a phrase:- The League position dosen''t lie!
  2. I simply can not believe you guys are moaning about our players. It is totally disgusting. We are top of the league and one bad result! jeeeeeesus........... Rivers isn''t playing well and you people are totally unforgiving. What small memories we all have. Rivers made an excellent start to this very season before being injured! I do not believe in slagging players down and with henderson in need of a rest, rivers has an important roll to play at this club. To off load him now would leave our squad very short of cover. We have alot of hard games coming up and could require someone like Rivers and easton for that matter. Besides he isn''t the only one playing under par at the moment, but no one is suggesting we off load these players. GIVE RIVERS, and EASTON a break.........show some loyalty......... or go support man u where their supporters are just as fickle....... RONBOL
  3. Hendo hardly performed any better.(come to think of it , nor did mulryne,drury,mcveigh,huck........) Rivers is not match fit anybody who knows anything about football can see that. Maybe you wern''t watching when rivers went 100% into a sliding tackle! true you''ll never have a Holt in rivers, but what you see is what you get. On a good day he''ll take on players , skin them and provide that all important cross. On a bad day he is terrible. But can''t that be said of huckerby! But to say any player is not fit to where the shirt is unforgivable. P.S rivers is the only player to have a right and left foot at the club, worth it''s wait in gold if you ask me. Lay off rivers and Lay off Henderson and the rest of the lads. RONBOL
  4. Hello again I know one of the signitures on the account but it would require another. I last saw one of the others at the play-off final ! I do not believe the others are regulars at carrow road at the moment. I will make some enquires at the next home match as well as throw the idea past some of the older members of ecc. Of course to do this another or new club would have to be set-up with their own bank account and constitution for their new club. We don''t want to just give the money away if it can''t be put to good use. as said before we are not talking major amounts of cash. But it would give the new club a head start. The new club could do with learning from our mistakes as well. we made a few and we will all probably put our hands up to that. If they wanted some advice I would happily tell them where i think it went wrong for us. Ronbol
  5. tony cottee was the man watching on sky
  6. I have explained my position in the other thread and will not keep repeating myself. It was never meant to be hurtful, we don''t use proper names on the website so all is confidential. If we could use proper names this mess could have been sorted out in a couple of words. RONBOL p.s I to am put off being part of a supporters club for life. But the last i knew their was a small amount of money in the ECC account and it would be great if somehow this could be passed on to a new lowestoft supporters club.
  7. should be ok for the snake pit then!
  8. Snake pit rebel was on Radio Norfolk Phone in just a couple of months ago slagging off the quality within the team. We were of course mid table, but this is how he backs the team. He changes his mind like the wind! just thought you should know RONBOL p.s don''t try to tell us otherwise , i have it on good authority it was you!
  9. isn''t that Mulryne''s song! can''t have two players with the same tune can we. We want to be original
  10. you could be slightly bias sitting in the A block! nice
  11. name me a team that does play for 90 mins? ronbol
  12. what about the other new lad , Svensson (or however it''s spelt) The barlcay had a go Against forest......... Only one sven in england Theres only one sven england one sven in england............ not that original i know but what the heck , it gets the ball rolling. RONBOL (this one came from the barclay, so snakepit can''t take the credit as they usually do!)
  13. you could be right about the dress sense............. We the Barclay , get the Canary Fairy !!!!!! RONBOL E block , Lower Barclay
  14. No i agree totally. That rumour has been doing the rounds for weeks. with an ageing seaman, KK is sure to be after a new keeper. For us to get such a good deal on HUCKS there must be a sweatner involved, and just maybe it''s our greeno. Our hope must be for KK to walk away or get himself sacked and that what ever new manager takes over Man City. He loses interest in greeno. Ronbol
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