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  1. Midland Canaries do (well did) exist.... they have a flag and everything!!!! Used to be a member before moving to Oz, had a team in the supporters group 5-aside, marvellous time in malaysia and all sorts. Lots of people spread over Midlands area. If he is still doing it, it is run by a lovely fella in Cannock, who at the moment is starting to climb up Mount Kilimanjaro. If you go to an away game look for the Flag.
  2. Downunder we get Foxtel - about $70 per month with the sports package and IQ (Sky+), due to time difference maybe a case of record and watch delayed. Last season there was loads of Premiership games on, Yet to see how many City games they will show,with the internet and streaming as well should be packed with fun....... will be a season of wife management (Happy wife happy life!)
  3. If you are on Facebook check out the ''Norwich City Canaries Down Under'' group. 48 of us so far, a few in the Brisbane region. We beat them at the cricket and the rugby, therefore making Norwich fans the only succesful yellow and green clad fans in Oz!
  4. I love the fact they have kept under the radar. I am so fed up of headline making mgt. Let Delia and McNally make headlines and detract from the team. Let lambert keep his mantra of support and positivity..... Let Ian and the team play and be focussed
  5. I think he should already be deemed as a legend. He came ind without sending us bankrupt he has displayed some of the best mgt skills you could ever want. He has worked with the board in completely understanding the clubs position, weaved majic on his transfers, man managed every individual, kept a mantra all year supporting his players, constantly backing them. Has anyone heard a negative comment from him? He has fought for his team and let the players and the backroom staff get on with their jobs. He is a true players manager. He fought to get people to our club who wanted to be there and he knows it is our club, believes it should be our club. He should be used as an example of worldclass mgt. Who knows what is going to happen, he will hopefully stay with us for many years. However as long as he stays for at least next season he should always be treated as an NCFC legend. If things do go pear next year, let''s please remember what he has done and not be too quick to turn on him like some have with legends of the pass. Appreciate what he (and all those others so many are quick to slag - worthy, gunn, green) and thank them for some of the best moments in our life''s. Finally our club has the togetherness that we have been missing for so long........ And I love it! OTBC (sorry bit of a rant)
  6. 2.38pm in Manly, Sydney.... got up at 7am too watch match and have been drunk ever since!!! GET IN!!!!!
  7. I loved Adam Drury''s comments in the EDP. Maybe one of the reasons it was a good reception is that some of those who left were the moaners. I can also see all sides of the argument and everyone has their own reasons and situations for leaving early. The problem with seats is that we all get disrupted (ahh god bless the old days!). However what I cannot stand are the self proclaimed loyal fans who mutter underhand comments to their mates about how proper fans wouldn''t arrive late for kick off, sit there contradicting themselves all through the game and hurling abuse at players and then being the most loyal fans get up and storm out when we go 2-0 down shouting how bad we are ........ Good work fella. Some of us travel further than Old Catton to support our team and get behind them. Do us a favour and stay at home and swear at your radio so we, and hopefully your son, don''t have to listen to you. Am proud of our support and love having 24,000 fans at the fortress.... but sometimes would prefer 17,000 some should just stay at home.
  8. I would like to thank everyone for their comments on this matter. It was interesting to see that we were not the only ones caught out. I would also like to thank the club, off line we have been discussing with them and credit where credit is due they are working with us to try and get a positive outcome for all, so thank you Mr Gough and Norwich City, restoring my faith in you. Trust me I think my mate has learnt his lesson and from now on will be renewing in person the first day available, his son pratically disowned him and he has been bombarded with abuse from me and his brother. However in his defence not everyones lifes are simple. so thanks again to all, especially the club. OTBC
  9. Interesting, seems others have nearly been caught out with this. Til 1010 - will mention it to my mate and perhaps he will contact you
  10. No because then I could have cancelled. bit of continuity would be nice
  11. Has anyone else been caught out by the club not automatically renewing season tickets this year? Mate has just got home from travelling to find he has lost his and his sons season ticket and they have been sold on. Last season they renewed automatically so he rightly (or wrongly) assumed that this year would be the same. Has now meant that after 10 years of 4 of us sitting together, travelling from the midlands and London to watch games and being able to support him in taking his lad to football when he had work commitments we will be split up. Club does not seem to want to help us on the matter ..... GUTTED and a bit disgusted.
  12. Brought up S.Norfolk now Sydney, Australia - 10,460 miles
  13. Sydney - Approx 10,400 miles from Carrow Road. Season ticket in lower Barclay...... don''t get back for many games
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