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  1. I''d love to see Robbie at Norwich, he''s a class goalscorer and would do a great job in the championship.
  2. I agree with Berks Canary, Worthy has to go, we can only put up with so much. He''s had his time, been successfull, now its time to move on. We don''t want to end up like Sheffield Wednesday, Barnsley etc who came down from the premiership and then just kept going down. Surely this will convince all of the worthy fans that he should go. He has to go NOW or we''ll be playing in league 1 next season.
  3. The board at Norwich love Worthy so i don''t see him leaving. On one hand worthy isnt doing the best of jobs and this situation is absouloutly ridiculous, we''re supposed to be one of the teams to win the league. But say we do get rid of worthy, is there a manager out there who can do a better job? One things for sure, we''re starting to look like a joke. People post messages on the forum saying "Oh u only look at the negetives", well where are the postives? Its almost as if people are scared to admit the harsh reality at this present time. One things for sure this mess needs to be sorted out quickley!!
  4. who''s fault is it then if its not worthington? this is an amsoloute shambles, we''ve gota face up to reality, worthington and our league position is a joke.
  5. No i''m not a ''boo boy'' at all, i was just explaining my thoughts on this ashton topic. i mean some of you arn''t even justifying why you think this post is rubbish, just making negetive comments about it. You''re only kidding yourselfs i mean, why cant you just take in the reality of the situation, why can''t anyone accept the negetive factors, ah well, please yourselves.
  6. go boil my head? haha k... anyway what i''m saying is true and you know it. Look, basically,worthy only made ashton sign today because he knew morrison deal had fallen through and had knew he had to act swiftly and keep ashton whatever it took, also, ashton was tempted by the premiership clubs with their premiership wages so worthy knew that he had to offer a better contract to ashton because he knew he would''ve been off to the premiership. with this new contract and premiership type wages ashton will be happy to stay.
  7. well Mate, i''m not looking at the negative sides, all i''m doing is pointing out what was very likely to happen. Why would Worthy sign another striker and keep Ashton when 1. He already has hucks, ashton, mckenzie, thorn and jarvis. why would he sign another striker without really giving Thorne a chance? 2. Everyone knows that Norwich haven''t got lots of money to buy new players so why would we suddenley be able to buy a striker? 3. Why would Worthey buy a new striker when its obvious we need a new defender or possibly midfielder as Fleming isnt getting older and slower. Also, we''ve let go of a couple of midfielders this year so we might need to strengthen in that area too.
  8. ashton only signed a new contract today cos we cudn''t get morrison, cos it was clear that if we got morrison then ashton would have been sold to maybe the likes of west brom, wigan, west ham ..... for around £7million. besides even if we did get morrison, i think he wudnt be as gd as ashton.
  9. If we go down, do you think we will do well and beat most of the Championship teams and make ourselves condenders to bounce back into the premiership or not do to well like Leeds and Wolves n Leicster  have done? Also, is Worthy the rite man to manage us next season? I Would be interested in what you think.
  10. He think it will be a shame if he goes. i still tease mi mates bout the goal he scored against Reading last season at Reading''s ground. Theyre reading fans....
  11. keep the faith!! our team spirit was top class today, altho i agree, we need that 1st win, badly!!
  12. i thought that we wern''t good at all in the 1st half but second half were really good, it worked switching bak to the old formation of what we had last season, i think Jonson played very well and so did Huckerby. I was also suprised by Matt Svenson as he looked like a changed man from what we had seen last time he put on a Norwich shirt. We are so close to that 1st win and have shown on a number of times now our reziliance and have come back, like we did against Newcastle and really challenge the opposition. 1st half i thort Everton played well, second half i thort they wir very lucky!! (to put it politley) becoz Francis wud hav scored the volly in front of goal. I live in Berkshire and will be coming up for the Blackburn game, I am looking forward to that!! I think its gona be hard against Manchester City on the 30th and will have to defend well, theres no doubting our team spirit which is good.
  13. Archie, i couldnt agree with u more!! i have been to Reading''s stadium lots now and never have i witnessed an atmosphere better than Carrow Road. My friend has just read this post and called you and all the rest of norwich ''dranged tractor lovers'' which is out of order.    
  14. I live in berkshire near reading and i have two friends who are both reading fans. One of my friends enjoys winding me up about Norwich farmers, spades and tractors and norwich not winning in the premiership and being near the bottom. He enjoys this becoz i took great pleasure in Norwich beating Reading last season and that sticks in their memorys so thats why they persist to tease me. They r loving life at the mo as Reading r top of the league in the championship, Theyre really starting to annoy me and im running out of insults, can anyone help me?! Thanks....
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