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  1. Absolutely, absolutely, absolutely - whilst the big clubs rule the roost at the top, we still have more of a chance for Europe, and then....... what if FIFA / EUFA actually insist on the big clubs being not in debt and no transfers until they are - will this mean that they will ghradually get older players and bring them back to the pack - if this is the case, we as CITY need to be there.  Cant do that in the Championship.
  2. City versus Spurs 1973 League Cup Final at Wembley.  When we arrived around 2 minutes to 3 (bus got lost) and walked into the stadium at the very top of the stands, the excitement of actually being there as you climbed the steps seemed to make it no effort, but as you walked over the last step and your eyes started seeing the opposite stand, all in blue and white, and then the pitch, and then, as you came over the crest, there laid out before you was a sea of green and yellow, the chant of On the Ball City being loudly sung, and that Wembley electricity that is always described but I have only ever experienced on that day to that degree smacks you right in the face and envelops you, you stop, look, your heart pounds and tears swell as your pride in the love of Norwich city is raised to a level never experienced before as all our fans and seemingly the whole of Norwich are there.  Magic.  Ralph Coates spoiled the day and City didn''t play an exciting spindly long blonde flowing hair youngster whose face I can see but name escapes me, but chose Albert Bennett who wore white boots, a bad omen.  Spurs fans afterwards were fearful of our young lad and were so happy when he wasn''t selected.  Mmmmm if only..........
  3. Ah - but we got the perpetrator of that insipid episode SDP!!!!!!!  Oh hell feel like a relapse - GOAL!!!!!!!!!!!  arrgh - thats better!!!!
  4. ER - Have we been practising without goal posts for target practice - not impressed that we didnt score against Stevens age and sounds like we were lucky to draw. Last year we put many past Yarmouth, now less against dereham and minus none against Stevenage.  Are we nearly totally reliant on Holt to hit the back of the net again this year?.
  5. Cody been up to mischief????? FT Gillingham 4-1 Peterborough
  6. Not much in friendlies?  - but does this result speak words - FT Bury 4-0 Leeds United!!!!!!!
  7. If this is true, why would we sell him to a Champ team - just for the money, or is he considered a bit slow on pace, and is PL taking a leaf out of the World Cup young kids success and has his eyes on a younger, stronger, fitter player to replace him?.  Food for thought - of course it could all be scam - maybe?.
  8. I''m coming over to UK next week and will only have one opportunity to see City and that is the Scunthorpe away match which is about an hours drive from us.  Any body got any any info on whether we can just rock up to the turnstiles and pay then or is there some new system that us oldies have to comply with to get into Scunnys ground?.Ta
  9. SDP - doesn''t this just mean Archant sacrifice one journos pass and sit in front of the press box as a spectator with laptop close to a power point!!!!  We''re all your mates after all!!!!!!
  10. Request to Bly Bly - please wish good luck to the other 23 teams in the Championship!!!!!!!!
  11. And whats missing from all the above - the PL factor - remember the mess we were in last year with some players on the outer until PL came in - and some of those outer players were brought back in and their performance increased.  Who''s to know how good or bad they really are - its a mental thing of each individual, something PL seems to be able to sort out and get them to gel.  It will be interesting to hear reports from the training camp in Germany.  PL took Col who away before the start of last season and we all shudder at what happened then.  Any hopes of 7-1 for us this opening match????????
  12. So what exactly do the gold badges look like??????  Even straining the eyes gives no detail. At least we know where to look I guess.
  13. Michael, Paddy and SDPFirstly, greetings for a new season ahead and hopefully many hours of pink-un enjoyment - that was until this thread I read, and quite frankly feel very shattered.  We will lose a life giving connection, a football family who share in a common bond. The pleasure you, Paddy, SDP give in rattling the fingertips cannot be measured in money.  Everyone of us, at least in Australia, give up our saturday nights sleep and most of the next day in zombie land to support our team. We Norwich supporters who live overseas still hold our team in our hearts. I''ve always felt that, as we cant get to Carrow Road, our strong support is tangible and also provides etherical energy that can transcend distance, something that can''t be measured but is real.  It''s our choice to give our energy to our team, albeit via the Pink-Un.  To curtail that is discrimination.  My thought of a solution was a version of the 1960''s pirate ship.  Park a crane and cradle in the road outside, extend it up substantially fixing the telephone cables and Pink-Un from there!!!!!!.Lots of support from us all.Steve from Oz
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