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  1. http://www.nottscountyfc.co.uk/page/NewsDetail/0,,10426~2093045,00.html shows them
  2. My work colleague is Notts County fan and he has just got new shirt and had new NPOWER League 2 Champions logos (Gold colour) put on the arms. Cannot see anything on Canary Shop about this for us as League 1 Champions ?   Nick
  3. He''s on TV this Friday at 7.30pm on Channel 4, Place in the sun. I know a lot of fans may not like him after he left us, but maybe worth a look. Nick
  4. Nottingham Nick, Carlton side of the City   Nick
  5. Lets face it there are a lot of supporters of other clubs who must feel exactly the same. Living in Nottingham most fans feel same about Forest and even Notts County. I remember trying to get into Meadow Lane (because my wife''s friend who was Man U fan wanted to go and see them). Another person at work is a season ticket holder with Huddersfield who lost to Leyton Orient 1-0 on Tuesday. There are not enough football heroes around these days, yes we had Hucks, Malky, Iwan and many more but it seems to take many clubs years to get back to good times. I first started going to Carrow Road at the end of the Robert Chase era so I missed the Europena nights and early Premiership days. It is easy to get downhearted but then along comes a game like last Saturday at Forest and we forget about all the poor matches. Its ironic that then we get Tuesday nights home game complete reverse of Saturday. It may sound very profound but thats what being a football supporter for you !!!! Nick
  6. Going to work early tomorrow, can''t wear my Norwich shirt, but got a Yellow shirt I''m going to wear. Took my scarf and shirt off before going home on bus full of irrate Forest fans. Great performance showing real courage. Must mention Meadow Club at Notts County for opening for Away fans, Sky Sports News on big screen and friendly staff Nick
  7. Yes  I live 2 miles from City Ground so been waiting a few years now to go back there.   Nick
  8. Its dress down day tomorrow at work, so I will be mostly wearing my yellow Canary shirt.   Nick
  9. Sorry if I caused some confusion, but when we play Welsh teams ITV Wales does have a lot more highlights than The Champ... To get  ITV Wales on Sky, search internet for ''Adding ITV channels to SKY'' and it will give some numbers. On SKY select ADD CHANNELS on the SERVICES button. Then put these numbers in and it will show extra channels that can be added. So in Nottingham I have ITV Anglia plus others on the SERVICES button.   Thanks     Nick
  10. ITV1 Wales showing extended highlights of yesterday''s game at 12.35pm today. Forest don''t perform well in front of Sky cameras, so there''s hope there ??? Nick
  11. Been waiting about 4 years or more for local game so going. Its only 2 miles for me. Also have never seen Norwich beat Forest at City Ground, seen 4-0 to forest, 2-0 to forest (inc. Andy Johnson''s famous goal against Greeno) plus lots more loses and draws ? Forest improving and Norwich unpredictable, so who knows the result ?   Nick
  12. I live in Nottingham where Radio Norfolk does reach but only can listen during the day. At night and in Winter there is too much interference. So I subscribe to CanariesWorld and its brilliant. I can listen to every match and its pretty good reception on Broadband Yes commentary does stop sometimes but during yesterday match at Preston it stopped for about 2 minutes during the whole game. So that why I subscribe.   Nick
  13. Great result today, but why were there so many Leeds fans amongst us Norwich fans in Jarrold stand. I was sitting 2 seats away from the cloth divider between the fans. There were two sitting almost directly behind me. One sat there in his Leeds top all game. There were two more a couple of rows in front. At one point the two behind me started swearing at Norwich fan on my left. So although they didn''t cause any trouble I still found it a bit off-putting. They did retreat quite quickly before the end when they realised that they wouldn''t get any points from the game.   Nick
  14. I was sitting with Rotherham fans in the half complete new stand and my friend thought Norwich were very good. We had a great laugh and they were all very friendly. Even managed to get into the Home Supporters bar with my mate whose Rotherham supporter. Saw Mark Robins in there. The two bouncers on the door were spitting image of ''Max and Paddy''. They were asking everyone who didn''t have Rotherham shirt on where they were from, being now based in Nottingham I don''t have too much a Norfolk accent. Poor Paul Gallagher had to put up with some terrible chanting behind him in the second half but looked like he thought it was all part of the fun. Lets hope we get Rotherham in FA Cup so we can all have another trip there Nick
  15. I have bought a few hundred quids worth of shares, not because I want to make a profit or ever sell them. I paid out because I love Norwich City and the first lot of shares helped to fund Crouch and Huckerby. We are not ruining the club its the constant criticism that doing that. Nick
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