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will take 2nd now(formely known as "champions")

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  1. [quote user="Mark Rivers..."]So if Martin O''Neil came and dressed like that (as he does), would you complain then? No thought not. Pathetic![/quote] it''s not the jumper and trackies what does it! But the socks rolled up over the trackies and the collar up whilst munching on gum. I expect to find people dressed like that down my local bus station!!!!!!!
  2. You can''t clearly see anything! in it is a pen or isn''t! Typical a decision doesn''t run our way! But we should really done more about scoring a 2nd in a whole 89:30 mins! So no blame on officials!
  3. Fair play to MK they deserved it! They scored 2, We scored 1 - Simples Some of you need to get in the real world! We need to stop being so pleasant and maybe use such tactics in the lower league to prevail!
  4. Sorry Guys, But i''m worried about Lambert! He''s going to ruin our Club Image!! Dressing in Trackies, Socks Rolled Up What next? Nike Air Trainers, Burberry hat and Some dodgy shaving in his hair?  He looks like a CHAV FFS!!!! [:@]
  5. England to beat Slovakia Friendly or No Friendly England should be sticking least 3 up this team of unknowns @ Home
  6. They don''t matter because year after year we do bollocks in them! If we was being half succesful in each Cup Competition (say winning 3-4rounds each competition) i''m sure our opinions would change!
  7. I used to live in Birmingham a few years back (for around 3years) I only ever saw One Walsall Shirt in all My Time up their!!!!
  8. [quote user="Nexus_Canary"]Well its the fact that a few of thier fans keep comming in here to cry about a big club taking thier manager so a load of us have cared enough to put them in thier places ! They got Hoofroyd now so they should go back into thier caves. [/quote] Is this the same Hoofroyd 50%+ of our supporters wanted as Manager just 6months ago??
  9. Looked completely out of his depth last night, although it will take him time to adapt to English Leagues/Lifestyle! Just hoping he isn''t another Dave!
  10. Yes i know League/Geographically etc..... But we''re just making a mockery out of ourselves treating them like Ipswich! We haven''t given Two hoots about Colchester for Donkey Years now! Grow up people and start supporting Norwich City!!!RANT OVER
  11. From one of the most polite Clubs to now equalling the likes of Coventry City! Shame to see our supporters behave in such a way!!
  12. [quote user="Big Dog "] I see Torquay''s and Dagenham''s mangers have turned Col U down. Maybe you should be a bit more realistic in your targets... Gunn or Roeder perchance? Hate to see our feeder club struggling so hope you get someone soon. Chin up.   [/quote] Maybe a bit like ourselves when suggesting Jewell, Coppell, Ince & Curbishley in the last 12months?
  13. [quote user="Canaryfan7"]Well after reading several posts on here last night I am hoping that SC is the man for the job. It would be fantastic if he did take it.[/quote] I''d love it to! But let''s be realistic here.....It''s doubtful hell very doubtful
  14. Typical sort of Norwich City Appoinment this is.......So they''re probably is some truth ennit!
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