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  1. Injured, has been for many months, so perfect for us really, expect Webber to be on the phone tomorrow
  2. Clever, even if we do it under a different manager you can claim you were correct, surprised you didn’t even go a bit further and say under D Smith
  3. Don’t be a tool, saying that 2 games into the season is too early to be calling for his head isn’t sitting on the fence, it’s backing him for now until there is more information to make a decision on! would you call Sara’s signing a dreadful piece of business or inspired signing based on his 10 min cameo today?, of course not, we don’t have a clue yet. I suppose it comes down to if you blame Smith for last season’s relegation and if so this season there’s nothing yet to change that mind agreed. Personally I don’t blame him and think there were many reasons so am happy to wait and see what he does with a competitive team with his own stamp on things. For me he starts this season with a clean slate and while his grade may be a D- so far the guy has aced this test previously so fingers crossed.
  4. Any decent manager would get this team of players in or around the automatic spots come end of season. We are two games in. The man has a proven track record that many others would love to have on their CV and the vast majority of the fan base will afford him the respect and time that should be afforded. Until we are at least 10 games in your posts calling for his sacking will continue to be afforded the respect they deserve I’d wager. If by Christmas it’s evident that mid table is our destination I will happily join your crusade.
  5. Playing well, showing signs of improvement is all well and good in the Premiership where it gives hope of picking up points every 3-4 games but the top end of the championship is all about consistently picking up 3 points from these types of games and a point from the games you don’t deserve to. The comparison to previous slow starts is slightly faulty because we didn’t play well or had not clicked if I remember correctly (more like last week). Throwing points away from games we rightly dominate is not good. We are however still yet to see what a fully fit and intergrated Hayden, Sara & Nunez will bring and I think we will get to the stage of nailing these sides, just hope we don’t fall too far behind while we get there.
  6. Winning the ball doesn’t mean **** if it’s done in a reckless or dangerous way. Anywhere on the pitch that over the ball studs up follow through results in a red card and the ref has had a nightmare today. VAR may well kill some of the excitement but at least it increases the % of correct decisions and already missing it
  7. Looks like the seriousness of the injury is being judged by the above reports by the amount of pain he was in. Doesn’t always follow that the worst injuries are the most painful so fingers crossed it’s just speculation
  8. Promotion teams find a way of winning those games. 2 points lost, 1 maybe 2 full backs lost, confidence lost. Nunez really only positive out of a game we ought to have won comfortably. When players deemed surplus 2 yrs ago are the answer I can’t help feeling we are asking the wrong questions
  9. Farke’s tenure coincided with two phenomenal signings in Emi and Pukki, one of which was quite lucky in that his career hit a purple patch not seen before and a click in the dressing room culture. How much of this was influenced by Farke is impossible to know from the outside. There is clearly credit to be given and why he got the time he did despite setting records every other week that no club wants. It’s overwhelming depressing to think we won’t have a better manager in our ‘lifetime’ given the obvious faults in his abilities at the highest level. Let’s see what he does in his next few jobs, have a feeling he will do a lambert but time will tell.
  10. That’s certainly the plan yes, any good investment owner or consortium would come with a plan to make money not lose it, I’m not sure of the point?
  11. Something that will help the club grow and fans will be wow, how did the club achieve that…. It’s obvious isn’t it?……….It will be him signing a new contract
  12. Wavering on Stuart as DOF and interview did little to change that. Probably has just enough credit banked to see what he can do with this coaching team and would seriously question if any replacement would be able to do much more given the limitations he has to work under. the contradictions, the ‘I understands’ (but clearly doesn’t), the ‘I don’t cares’ (but clearly does) and the disrespectful comments about fans all prove that perhaps a media training refresher course wouldn’t be a bad idea but having a overly self assured DOF negotiating player purchases and sales isn’t the worst thing in the world.
  13. I’m not sure that those wanting change all want it all and now, as if they have been impatient or something, it’s not like our owners are in their second season is it? A quarter of a century isn’t a bad run to have. It’s about the realisation that football isn’t going to change to accommodate us no matter how loudly people bemoan the loss of the game or the unfairness of it all, it’s NCFC that will need to change not everyone else as punching above our financial muscle while laudable isn’t a long term plan. rather than continuing to use any example of ‘bad’ owners to discourage desire for change why not extoll the virtues of our current @Badger. You say many people believe investor owners only put money into a club.. who?.. where? I can’t remember any posts claiming that. Name these dimwitted people and I would gladly explain the premise to them of a good investment owner benefiting from a % of increased income and asset growth.
  14. 6pts off playoffs, ran it close, I would say the money which is a substantial increase over their turnover otherwise has been effective already into turning them into promotion hopefuls. Of course he may not invest more if they clinched promotion, but there is a history of providing funds when needed both in L1 and championship so it could be the case in the PL also. It’s wrong to say someone only investing £6m average in lower leagues isn’t a suitable PL owner as it is a transformative amount for that club at that time.
  15. Exactly, £6m average per year goes much further in the championship and L1, who’s to say if Millwall made the PL (not a million miles away ) that the owner wouldn’t increase his investment accordingly.
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