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  1. Attn of Diesel Doris....i was in Lisburn between 88-91-then a 6mth gap-then back to Lisburn till demob in 94........I was in 26 sqn RCT,does your husband remember me.....Midnight was my nickname.....
  2. You lads on here from the Royal Anglians must know of,or remember,my brother..........Robert Hill(Hilly).If you do,drop me a message and i''ll pass it on to him.....
  3. Played football for the Army and the Combined Services between 90-94.........proud,happy days
  4. Ex squaddie,joined up at careers office on Magdalen St in May 84.Joined the RCT(Royal Corps of Transport) and did 2 years in Bunde(Germany),then on to Belize for 6 mths.Then to Ulster for 3 years,then back to Belize before going back to Ulster for 4 years.Played football for the Army and Combined Services for 4 years(the Army goalkeeper at the time was Maik Taylor,still at Birmingham i think.My service life was the best years of my life and given the chance would do it all again...............Dismissed
  5. You couldn''t get more City stuff in my cab if you tried
  6. Been up to Leeds today to make a few deliveries in my truck.Since day 1 the Leeds boys have been giving me flak(you''ll never catch us....champions....etc etc).My oh my,how their tune has changed this morning,believe me,they are cr&pping themselves.Idrove out of their depots feeling proud as punch.........Onwards and upwards,the futures YELLA
  7. A penalty is a direct kick from 12 yards,the same player cannot touch the ball twice,consecutively.That is it.
  8. Hogesar,Barclayman and When Saturday Comes,we are all awaiting your apologies............learn t''internet lads,learn t''internet
  9. The relevant authorities don''t stop us from walking around the city,so why on earth should they say that CR is a ''no-go''area.The club will grit the main access points to the ground,obviously to negate the ''suing culture''......On the gritting side of things,there is no point in gritting the roads too early in the morning as vehicle movement is needed to work the said grit into the road...its a case of ''chicken or egg''...........On a wider theme,i left the North East at midnight in my artic and arrived back in Norwich at 7am(only 30 mins longer than on a good day).The roads were not too bad,but i left enough time for any problems,so come on you peeps in the sticks,gobble up your Readybrek and set off to Mecca..........Onwards and upwards...the futures YELLA......
  10. If Burnleywere to take Lambo...should we go nick Boothroyd off the Essex boys?
  11. Me thinks ''there'' is cockney rhyming slang for ''their''
  12. Midnight was my army nickname which has been carried forth by a few army/city buddies.............and there you go,or rather,i go,totally off thread....hey ho
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