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  1. 3 games in and you can''t cope with a new song oh dear. Best you put ya fingers in ya lugs my old booty Whatever next a decent atmosphere inside Carrow Road. Get a life,cheer and sing the boys on!!!!!!!
  2. Wow what a fantastic new song. (All the Germans blur song) Sounded really good from the middle of the south stand and I can''t wait to hear the whole of the Barclay and snake pit sing it all together. Great atmosphere tonight. Very well done to each of you for getting that going.
  3. Hi. Great win yesterday, Really enjoyed the away day until i got home and realised i''d lost my camera. It was in my coat pocket and may have been dropped in the stadium when i removed my gloves etc. I was sitting in row L in block F. If by some small chance you picked it up would you please private message me. I will pay £50 reward if i get it back. It is an Olympus compact digital in a black case. Yours hopefully Andy.
  4. The cheeky little oik! Wonder what Ady said to him!
  5. That''s me! The ticket office phoned me today and offered me a Colchester ticket. Someone had returned 1 for some reason. Happy as a pig in poo.
  6. Great singing from the boys in the jarrold today. Don''t hear that very often!
  7. Mrs woman in the ticket office told me we had an extra 200.
  8. Hi, I got the chance to go onto the pitch at Walsall, We were in the ground having a good moan and one of the stewards said come and have a look at the problem areas. It was quite icy in the corners but very wet in the middle.Did any of you go on and have a look? Also did you take your programs back and get a refund? I did but he was bl**dy grumpy when i asked.
  9. Bed time soon little boy!!! Oh would you put the bins out before you go?
  10. Oh didn''t know interviews took place in London,You learn something every day. Cheers.
  11. If ince had been in the area someone would have seen him, and it would have been on here for sure!
  12. Any other interviews even took place. Thoughts please.
  13. I saw two kids having a ding dong behind the jarrold stand on the way out. Plod came over and told them too bugger off home so they did, That was about it. Anyone see anything in the city center?   ps Great support must have helped today,Great noise from the Norfolk boys!!!!!!!! 
  14. Proud of our team, Proud of our club, But most of all proud of the fans awsome today loadsa noise keep it up!!!!!!!!!!
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