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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xQn_835POKA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XWs3mP2txi0 And that''s all I have to say about that.......
  2. I PM''d you a while ago Wiz, is there a feed?
  3.                Theoklitos Spillane, Doherty, Askou, Drury Whaley, OTJ, Gill,Hoolahan          Holt, Mcdonald Subs: Alnwick Nelson Otsemobor Adeyemi Hughes Mcveigh Maric
  4. He scored twice in 3 trial games whilst hitting the post in the other
  5. No worries on the link just found it and thought i hadn''t seen it on here. That air kick was comical. There does seem a lot of work to be done still if these players will be representing us in the league especially with Spillane''s back pass, but it was good to see the quick feet of the young trialist who''s name escapes me for that effort in the second half and Mcveigh looked very good in the highlights and Pattison showed good energy and a good cross for the goal. Let''s hope the team can iron out the errors and increase the quality between now and colchester.
  6. Sorry if this is a repost but here they are: http://www.raithroversfc.com/cgi-bin/matchdetails.cgi?id=862&type=11
  7. I''m pretty sure the tall lad at the front is David Stephens.
  8. Good luck in your fight John, I''m sure you have the mental and physical strength to beat it.
  9. I think that like the new King''s lynn manager said earlier in the week if we lose all of our freindlies but win the first two league games we will have had a good preseason and if we win them all comfortably then lose the first two league games it will have been a bad preseason. Preseason results mean little especially the first few which are used to regain fitness.
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