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  1. If we conceed a few more we will have to poach their manager!
  2. Not sure it would a a great signing for them. We bought the Championship top scorer (Curo) - and that didn''t exactly turn out well.
  3. I wonder if Tom will still want his money?
  4. Any fine or comp will have been worth it IMO so who cares!
  5. It won''t happen this season but if the FA want to make an example and set a precident it could happen for next season.
  6. Bump... Still all quiet on this front? Has anyone heard any news?
  7. BUT - if you give them more money they will still spend it all on players and agents. Their books won''t be any healthier - their turnover will just go up and the gambles they take will get bigger! It is madness.
  8. [quote user="gary "]Precedent is there - ineligible player - points deduction - manager hearings never been any points deduction ever[/quote] Ineligible player hearings = yes there have been several before Manager hearings - never been any hearings (certainly not any on the FL rules as they stand) so open book.
  9. Not sure their is a comparison to be made between Hartlepool and the Colwho claims. They might argue we have had an uneligable manager for most of the season!
  10. 6000 includes some healthy away support too! As stated above no Colchester fan wants or expects a 30 point deduction - it was just some wind up merchant on 606 who started that.
  11. I don''t think there would be a points deduction this year. However if there was a big fine £500k (?) have we got the money to pay it? Would it bring the dreaded "A" word closer?
  12. [quote user="Barclay hero"]My colleague has just pointed out (quite reasonably) this is a TRIBUNAL - not a discipliniary panel. Discipliniary panels deduct points, tribunals decide compensation. Thats not to say that the tribunal won''t refer to the league and advise a DP should become involved - but the current meeting wont be docking points..... [/quote] Colleague = FAIL
  13. I can''t see how they could dock us points next season. It would be the clubs in our league this season that might feel agreved if we have done anything wrong.
  14. [quote user="Sports Desk Pete"]Here''s one for you... Were the club to be issued a hefty fine would you contribute to paying that fine given the job Lambert and his team have done this season? [/quote] I think we would - even if we were fined a million pounds it was still good business from the club - if it was a striker we bought for a million and he had the same impact on our season we would be saying he was a bargan.
  15. [quote user="jas the barclay king"]there will be no points deduction... If we were docked enough points to put us in the playoffs for example i think Huddersfields Lawyers would be writing a very strong letter to the FA.[/quote] I think you have been celebrating too hard Jas! That makes no sense! Docking us even 15 points wouldn''t effect Huddersfields position.
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