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  1. Not really my point mate, Holts a legend but life moves on, if we get say4-5 mil that added to what we have already for a new manger to spend equals a decent pot to get a replacement. Morison will be a better player with out having to live in the shadow of Holt added to a fit James Vaughan, Jacko and may be a Fletecher or Rhodes I''d certainly be happy with that. To many people seem to think if we lose Holt we''re finished...????
  2. Now that he''s mad it crystal clear he wants to go pubicly on Twitter just let him go, yes he''s a huge part of the club and been a key part of us getting where we are, but NOBOBY IS BIGGER THAN THE CLUB, he''s never going to be worth as much as he is now so lets cash in on him. If we try to keep him and frustrate him we have to remember he has huge influence on the squad and it could all get very nasty. Once a player says he wants to go there is really no way back. If he goes to a Villa or a West Ham for a big fee will be very interesting to see of he can live with the pressure and increased expectancy......he should remember its not always about the money, but having said that after what he''s done for us should we really grudge him the chance to double his money at his age......???? Just a few rambling words from a very infrequent poster..!!  
  3. Yeah drop Ruddy straight away, Declan Rudd is the man for the job with out doubt........... Got to be time for another Fraser Forster post soon surely. For goodness sake get behind the boys.
  4. Yea Johnson certainly adds that grit and wont be afraid to put his foot in, I hope Surman does come more into it as the season progresses but I cant see it, Johnson/Pilks are the future. People I''ve spoken to seem to think Stoke is 3pts.......????? they are a esablished prem side and hard as nails it will be a very tough game. The other thing that worrys me is the diamond.....I think it leaves us to exposed certainly against the quality players we''ll be up against this season.  
  5. I''m probably being harsh, but I''m just not convinced that he''s upto the Premier league, yes he''s got a nice touch but lacks pace and seems to offer very little defensively. How long will it be before Johnson/Pilkington step into the fray....??  
  6. Guarantee he''ll pop up with a priceless goal or two. Your right the boo''s were a joke, as were the ones at full time. Those guilty of it should hang their heads in shame.
  7. [quote user="I.S."][quote user="CDMullins"]As title, Simple Yes or No required.[/quote]Quick Survey - Has CDMullins been waiting all season to have a moan about one of our best players? Simple Yes or No required.[/quote] Yes. People are never satisfied
  8. Yeah course it was, other wise we never would of won yesterday......?!??!?!!? I was disgusted by the booing on Tuesday night, after what that team has given us over the last two seasons they deserve nothing but praise and our 100% backing.
  9. Just read that his loan move to Derby has fallen through, was linked to us in the summer I beleave. Would certainly do a job and probably a more realistic option.
  10. Thats just what I thought to.....!! For some reason he just really annoys me.
  11. But he hasn''t though....?? All he does done is just put a bet on at the start of the season.
  12. Just read the article about Gill''s time nearly over at Carrow Road, real shame it never really worked out for him, comes across a really decent bloke, no ego or bitterness just poitive attitude. All very refereshing in this modern game when its all bout ego''s and money.
  13. I used to log on and and have a good read and make the odd post, but now I must go on may be once a week if that, just got bored with reading the same old boring posts about how bad Holt is playing and general moaning about Zak Whitbread.
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