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  1. Was just on sky sports news. When asked about the Norwich job, he didn''t rule it out. Knows about the championship, so could be worth a shout. Also said out of the 3 relegated, norwich had the best chance of going straight back up!
  2. According to transfer Rumours. Must be true!!!!
  3. Football''s a funny old game. Looking at some posts on here and the ratings from last night i do sometimes wonder if people see what they want to see. In my opinion Nelson was a liabilty. His mistake for the second goal, and the non stop hoof ball (mostly to their defenders!). Some, however say he was our best defender! Oli was non exsistant and did not have a clue what he was doing (playing out of position), but again someone says he was our best attacking threat!  I will agree with everyone though that R.Martin is rubbish! I suppose that is what makes football, the game it is!  
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