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  1. It''s coming close to the time where we all have to renew our tickets for next season, who is renewing ? I do love norwich, but at this moment in time .. what im seeing isn''t worth the money! how is everyone feeling for next season?
  2. [quote user="Ncfc-Jack"] Gateshead Lee Novak has netted 17 goals in 20 games. Scunthorpe Intrested In Signing Him Is He Worth A City Shirt ?   [/quote] yes, but writing that on here isn''t going to make gunn get him. Unless you have any back up evidence .. i would personally prefer chris martin back in the squad.
  3. things are quite about the transfer from the man from dartford, but im optimistic he''s going to join us.
  4. [quote user="the1englishman"]Yep you heard me. Some of you so called fans on here are so so quick to point to the players short commings and how they surender so easly. Shame a hell of a lot of you have no spine in supporting the TEAM. One second your all fine, then your all doom. I suggest maybe taking your support to another sport more suited to your weak character, bowls might be a good idea. Just reading some of the tantrums aimed at gunny after last nights performance smacks of children throwing there toys out of the pram. [/quote] not being funny, even when we won 4-0 i struggled to see a win in the following game. I wasn''t to happy with the performance against barnsley either, so i will always complain about norwich, until we manage to gather up some consistency. Consistency, that''s when i''ll stop complaining. so not being funny, fans have every right to complain because we are looking likely to going down, you must be stupid if you are happy with the way things are going ..
  5. [quote user="Fabregas- Poor Mans Ian Crook"] Wes'' was better than Safri''s for me. Wes will now get the ''SHOOT'' chants every game he pulls on a yellow shirt. [/quote] shame that was a one off.
  6. [quote user="ricardo"][quote user="Jimbo_Jet_Set"] Watching tonight''s performance it worries me that the appointment of Bryan Gunn is a purely emotional decision and that he lacks the nouse to cut it at this level of management Tonight at 2-1 an experienced manager would have changed something and brought on fresh legs to give the side new impetus. Instead Gunn stood on the touchline and did nothing. This left us looking flat and always likely to concede the second goal. It was only then that the changes were made giving the new players little time to make an impact- Lupoli barely touched the ball. I''m not anti-gunn but efforts like tonight do nothing to convince me that the board have made the right decision [/quote] Exactely my opinion Jimbo. Gunny was as poor tonight as he was good against Barnsley. When the opposition change things you have to react. It was crying out for a change after an hour. [/quote] I agree. How many times did roeder do this? he soon didn''t make changes .. he waited til the 80th to make a change, by then its far too late.
  7. [quote user="YellowRoad"]Please don''t play Cureton or Hoolahan up front on there own, like GR did with Lita, we need more than that up front to make any impact on friday, play Lupoli and Cort an put pressure on Doncaster or we will be two down before we are even out of the tunnel ....[/quote] i agree with you there, but i have a feeling the side will be kept the same for friday nights game. Cort starting, i can''t really see it happening ..
  8. [quote user="TheMarshmallowMonkey"] Now before I start, I want to make it plain that Gunny wasn''t my choice, but now he''s in he''s got my 100% backing. However, I must admit I am quite concerned about Gunny''s approach to substitutions. Yesterday going in at half time we looked comfortable and could have looked to play possession football. Instead, we went out to attack and get a third goal. Fair enough, no problems with that. But when the tide of the game began to change and Southampton made their substitutions, I was surprised Gunny did nothing to react. As the minutes ticked on, you could see the team were tiring. Wayward passes became more frequent. Cureton in particular went even more off the boil. Rusty didn''t seem to contest things as much as did earlier. Why at this point, did Gunny not change things around and make a substitution? When things clearly aren''t going right, a clever change at the right moment can help establish a foot hold on things again. Most definitely, I would have brought on Lupoli a lot earlier. I would probably have kept Wes on and brought Croft off for Bell as well. I think this would have given us from fresh attacking impetus, and at least would have given us some fresh players up there to keep the ball in that half. Sadly, I think Gunny''s inexperience cost us yesterday and while I sincerely hope a lesson has been learnt, a small voice keeps on asking if we have the time to allow Gunny to learn on the job. [/quote] i was worried last night, because when we took wes of, and replaced him for pattison you could tell things weren''t going to be right .. players where expected to play 80 minutes with a game on friday, we last night you could there was a number of players off the boil. And the game was dying for someone else to go up front, cort came on in the 88th minute, the game was there for the taking last night .. why didn''t he make those changes earlier? i can understand in some respects, first real game in charged .. he may be a bit nervous with his descions .. all i hope for is a bit of risk taking from gunn ..
  9. [quote user="Fabregas- Poor Mans Ian Crook"]We get average players in because we don''t have the money to go and buy the good quality players that cost over 1 mill.[/quote] i don''t neccesarly agree with that, i think you can get quality players for less than that. Look at wes, i would class him as a quality player. Their is an oppurtunity to buy players on the market for small fee''s, we just need to look at the correct sort of players.
  10. [quote user="Canary7"]Would the bosss not be better off playing russell in midfield in place of fotheringham And playing 2 strikers upfront? wtf is going on?[/quote] the fact that we haven''t got a decent center forward who can hold the ball up, russel is the closest thing to that. Carl cort, is unable to play the full 90 minutes. Lupoli and cureton up front, not very much happening there. That is why russel is playing upfront, and not in midfield. And to be honest, at this moment of time i rate fotherington higher than russel in center of midfield.
  11. other teams are winning .. forrest seem to be out of it, doncaster 4 wins on the bounce? when will norwich have a run like this?
  12. I''ve been watching matty recently, and to be honest he is a hero. I go to each game, and everything he does .. its amazing. His one-two ability, running around in circles, standing up front, the movement levels are off the scale. The most impressive thing about matty, is his drive .. he is destined to play top flight football, i think since coming to norwich he has adopted a bit of curetons game into his own, a mouse .. doing very little. One question about cureton .. why did he get a round off applause last night ? not being funny .. he didn''t really have many touches .. apart from a few headers to my amazment .. and also, a couple of wasted effort. I honestly believe, if we can replace players like cureton, and the remarkable matty pattyson, i feel we could get somewhere this season. Rather than being in a scrap down the bottom, and when roeder signed carl cort .. did he really understand, he''s a what 6 foot 4 striker who can''t header the ball. With no pace, and no really quality .. why is that every manager who comes to norwich, signs below par players. I just hope gunn isn''t one of these, darren purse .. am i encouraged .. no. Despite his falling out with the manager at cardiff, there must be other reasons for him not being able to hold a regular place in the side each week .. fingers crossed that i''m wrong.
  13. [quote user="ZippersLeftFoot"] I did not say he was good - just a million miles from being the worst midfielder ever.   Worst and ever is a huge exaggeration.  And his performance last night was no worse than clingans. Neither player is good enough for what we need in central midfield   [/quote] i agree, he had a pretty decent game last night .. as you say no worse then clingan.
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