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  1. I miss singing along to Daydream Believer before kick off every Saturday afternoon!!!
  2. Talking of fanzines, whatever happened to the old Y''army fanzine? Haven''t seen them on sale for ages now. Anyone know why?
  3. Yeh, I got my ticket as one of the extra 400, hopefully we will have a good following! Let''s get some good songs going, I haven''t been to a match in ages...I''m leaving York around 17:45 I reckon.
  4. Think what you will about Bryan Gunn and the last two games, but there''s no point using results from the Roeder regime to demonstrate how Gunny''s going to lead us to relegation. We might not have a squad with the potential to challenge for promotion, but I would say we''ve clearly got a squad capable of avoiding relegation as long as they''re not managed by a complete twonk, which Gunny is not. Results that came before last weekend have nothing to do with the new management team, if you want to moan about them use evidence from the last two games. If you want to moan about our poor performance for the majority of the season, just go and take a dump on Roeder''s front garden or something!
  5. I can''t wait to see this one in the highlights!
  6. So it says on Radio Norfolk...did you hear how they know that?
  7. Anyone got any idea if there are any tickets left?
  8. Would be brilliant, but I honestly can''t see it happening. Still, it''s a nice dream!
  9. Obviously Gunny''s been made aware of the whole facebook thing over the last few days, and who knows whether it hitting the news affected the decision of the board (personally I doubt it), but I really think this whole backlash against it is over the top. My brother goes to school with Melissa, so I found out about the group really early on, and back then I''m pretty certain it was just a little joke between a few friends. I was probably the thirtieth person to join, and it really wasn''t a big deal. Most of the posts on the group were just winding Melissa up. The fact that it got so many members in the end was in no way Melissa or Bryan''s fault or their plan. Maybe it''s just a case that a couple of thousand Canary fans on Facebook agreed with her sentiments!
  10. I honestly don''t understand all this talk of not renewing season tickets. I''m not saying I support the board massively, or the appointment of the new management 100% (though for the record I think it''ll turn out alright for us in the end), but the fact of the matter is even if our chairman was Hitler and he brought in some other fascist nutter as manager (Roeder, maybe?) I would never consider giving up my season ticket because Norwich City is the club I love. When I say City til I die, I mean it! So best of luck to Gunny and the boys, and if it doesn''t work out for them, best of luck to whoever comes after (new board or new management team).
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