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  1. for christ sake look where we are 8 games unbeaten saints 2 wins on the bounce lets be honest good point tonight we didn''t play great tonight but how many times we have and got sod all its football thats why we all love it look at that shower down the road i no where i want to be otbc
  2. bullard is so overated good yes but the way people run on about him like he is something special cory smith will be twice the player he is no problem today robbed
  3. No not being married more important than that whatching the cannaries this weekend in march 1970 versus swindon we won 1 nil albert bennett goal looking for the perfect present a hatrick from holt would be nice otbc
  4. dave bennett may be think he played in holland otbc
  5. no compeny says you give me ex amount of money and i will let you sell my stuff sorry its the other way around ask mcnnally otbc
  6. he says how much mopney on the table for addidas but it should be the other way round how much we could make them derrrrr pratt
  7. if others were fit he would still be in he is playing supurb he looks solid at the back and has been handy up top otbc
  8. jedi am coming down for the match etc staying at prem inn whats best route to game mate
  9. one defeat in 4 months and oh no we are doomed what a bunch of prats keep slagging the team off every team have off days ask mancini yesturday if and i dout many who slag the players off ever played thereselves they would no that thats football any way what does lambert no 2 months on the trot manager of the month top of the league some on here are just boring negitive people if we win the league by ten points they would moan it could have been 15 if doc would have done his job better otbc
  10. ricko i was there they sang you will never take the rookery oh yes we did lol i stood next to keelans goal at final whistle and on we went supurb and on the tues before at orient was on the pitch then 18 thjen 56 now still loved it now like i did then memorys lo otbc
  11. the canary cup was played over easter i catererd for it on the mag in gorleston there were some good teams from here and all over europe a lot of league teams were reprisented i remember celtic rangers inter milan off the top of my head pd you proberly stayed at seashore park in yarmouth just been up my loft to get stats but nutty beat me to it clever sod all the best .
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