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  1. In no way , shape or form should you consider taking on this man.He''s a fraud who signed his mates on long contracts , employs ugly outdated tactics and basically isn''t very good.
  2. No doubt that the third goal was clearly offside and no doubt that you were very harshly dealt with today however here''s a different perspective on the corner/penalty incident.The corner was debatable , its difficult to see if Snoddy got a touch or not ..but Snoddy then went on to berate the liner ...probably questioning his parentage / how ugly his mother is etc etc....to put it mildly.The liner then obviously thought right , the next chance i get to penalise you , i will ...and he did ...on two occasions.A human reaction but unprofessional , you boys copped for the wrath of a pissed off ref''s helper today.
  3. I wouldn''t be surprised if the deal is already done at a price below the reported 3.5m.I would love to get Wesley as part of the deal however this is highly unlikely.No way would Bates turn down 3.5m , he has a Hotel to build as part of his grand plan to turn LUFC into a Leisure Club.Personally i would drive him to Norwich for this kind of money.....he is an exciting young player but has a question mark against his fitness(rumours abound round here of heavy boozing and gambling)...the past 2 seasons he has faded badly towards the end (as have the team) and he always looks knackered.Your boss is no mug though and will probably get him to realise his potential and he has the skills to do well at a higher level ...if he can match it with his fitness that is.If you get him , good luck to you both.....as for us , i doubt if Grayson will see even half of it...but then we have a different mentality at board level.
  4. Well Well , the big spending Welshmen have capitulated.....You my friends are surely now a Premiership Club.May i be the first to offer my congratulations to you all and may i add that i believe you have what it takes to stay there.Yes i''m jealous but credit where it is due.Well done Norwich.
  5. There are many similarities with our clubs.....players, managers , crowds , developments and ambition etc.Whatever happens this season it looks like that we are both heading for the same destination.
  6. Great post that ....yesterday was a great football occasion with the performance from both sides worthy of a Premiership fixture.It surely beats say ''Wigan v Fulham'' any day of the week.Two very good teams trying to win a football game in front of a passionate crowd....sadly these type of games are a rarity these days so i have to congratulate the Norwich players and Fans on their efforts yesterday.We played very well 1st half and came back strongly late on but the one stand out player on the day was Hoolihan.We gave him far too much space (or maybe he has the knack of always finding it ?)Anyway , i was impressed with both teams and despite us having good chances to score 3 or 4 i was very happy to get a point.I would take a play off place now if it were offered as Leicester are looking ominous so someone is going to miss out come May.Now is the time to string a few wins together and who knows ? from what i saw yesterday one of us are capable of pinching an auto place.Well done guys.
  7. Fantastic info guys , thanks very much ...i remember we had to parade around the pitch before the game .As for the tournament , yes it was an international event ... ooh he memories !!!only 16k !!? as a then 13 year old and over 25 years later my mind conjures up a huge stadium full to the rafters...happy days ... much appreciated
  8. Hi everyone , i''m hoping an older NCFC fan can help wih this..1983/84ish , i played in a junior football tournament called The Canary Cup .I think it was Easter and we stayed in a caravan in Gt Yarmouth .On the Saturday we attended a match at CR and the oppos were Stoke.I''m sure the game ended 2-2 and my request is ... does anyone have any match info from this fixture ... i am interested in the players /attendance etc.I usually keep the programmes from all games , but i have turned the house upside down looking for this one ... can anyone help ?thanks in advance.
  9. Thanks for the welcome ...dont get me wrong ... i dearly wish that you lose some form and we gain some .I just don''t go for all the silly brain dead responses , it always backfires.PS 3 years ago i was playing Sunday pub football against Oli , he was playing for Shepherds Arms in Horbury .. in the Wakefield league .. what do you think to him ?
  10. [quote user="CDMullins"]My dream season is to win the league and Leeds get beat in the playoff final on PKs![/quote]i have a funny feeling that you may get your wish....All the bravado of idiot leeds fans prior to the slump was just that ... bravado.True leeds fans realised that while yes we are a good team with a good manager , we were probably hyped by the fans to be better than we actually are.We are in a worrying slump , the late goals have dried up and your form is outstanding.I am very impressed with your form , you are truly beating teams out of sight while for the most part of this season we have huffed and puffed , scored late winners but have not steamrollered teams consistently.As things stand , you will easily win the league , i''ll be delighted with second place ... at least we have the excuse of the cups ... but this is hiding the real facts .... we are good but not outstanding ... hopefull ''good'' will be good enoughIf the play offs do come our way , we will lose.Saying that we will probably play you at CR and win by 3 or 4 , this sums us up.
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