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  1. Thanks alot, really helped. A17 always a bugger! They are worries about me getting back for lectures, but that''s not really an issue. cheers
  2. I''m at sheffield at the minute and i''m travelling down tonight at 6 by train. Going to the derby. Then planning to drive back monday night.My parents are telling me not to as it''s unsafe and I won''t get back. I really want to get to the game tomorrow. In your opinions is it really as bad as they say? :)
  3. Yeah, the problem is they don''t run over the weekend that often so i miss a few lectures. Are you going back for leeds? If you had a spare seat for the journey back from the ipswich game I''d be happy to pay 15 quid to travel with you if don''t mind.
  4. Are you getting the train? I''ve booked the meggatrain back for the saturday, its only £11 quid.
  5. I watched it in Champs and found a fellow fan. It would be good to find a few other fans next time to watch it with. I''m travelling back for the Ipswich game is anyone else?
  6. Remember Liverpool are on too. So it needs to be somewhere that can play the two games.
  7. Cheers for the offer hillsborough canary but i don''t think I''ll be going to many away matches until my next load of finance comes through :L. Good to see there''s a few fans up here! I think I''ll try players tomorrow. The Royal Standard usually good but they''re showing the liverpool game. I''m a Polly too so i''m not near the University of.
  8. Is if there anyone living in Sheffield that''s a Norwich fan? I recently started uni up here and have seen a few Norwich shirts and flag in windows. It would be nice to get to know a few fans up here and maybe travel home with them now and again. Plus does anyone know anywhere that will show the game up here?
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