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  1. Great win! I watched the last 15 minutes of the game online and was able to see the last two goals. :)
  2. 1-1 final. It''s too bad City couldn''t hang on to their one goal lead, especially after their 4-0 win on Tuesday. Good to get a result though I suppose.
  3. [quote user="Wings of a sparrow"]Darkstar - follow live text on the Pink Un http://new.pinkun.com/content/NCFC/Stats/2009-2010/live/090808Colchester.aspx. Do you need an alarm call?[/quote]Thanks, and no I have my alarm set already! Let''s start the season the right way.
  4. Good luck this season guys! I''ll hopefully find a way to somehow follow this game, it''ll be at 7AM kickoff for me here in San Jose. Any hints? I understand it wont be on TV?
  5. NO! YOU CAN''T HAVE HIM! HE''S OURS! =PBut really, if Darren could go back to Norwich and end his career with the club he loves most, then I''d support it. On the other side, I want him to have a great year for my Quakes this season and if that doesn''t happen because he''s thinking about a move back home then I''ll be upset. I don''t believe he''ll ever be able to go back and play for Norwich though to be quite honest... We shall see what happens. I''d want a younger player with great potential more than a 33 year old who was released by the same club a couple years prior.
  6. [quote user="tribes"]Looking forward to following your progress again this season. Good luck and hope he stars again for you. Our loss is your gain.[/quote]Yeah it should be good. Huckerby scored a screamer off a volley against Colorado but it was called offsides. He looks ready for the season. Max Bretos on Fox Soccer Channel predicted the Quakes to win the Western Conference this year, and I think that''s awesome.
  7. Yeah I don''t see Huckerby playing for City again. He''s doing really well over here for our Quakes in San Jose and I''m very interested to see what he does after his contract is over this season.
  8. I would have loved it if Huckerby went on loan for a little while with Norwich, but he''ll be back here in San Jose soon training for the upcoming season. That would have been special though, I know it.
  9. I say no to Ince. Sure, it was too big a step for him at Blackburn but I know there''s got to be better candidates out there.
  10. I would love to see a loan deal for Huckerby to play a couple matches for Norwich, but it sounds like he''d rather honor his contract. That would be awesome though (unless he got hurt).
  11. I say yes. The man scored a couple minutes into his first match with the Canaries and got the game winner in the following match, how can he be so bad? =]
  12. [quote]Whenever he gets criticised, Roeder seems to feel the need to fight back with sarcasm. But all he reminds me of is a cornered cat, reduced to spitting and hissing.[/quote]From what I''ve seen, that is very true. The man is the coach of losing club week in and week out and he has the balls to be sarcastic when people question him. OUT!
  13. [quote user="BlyBlyBabes"] Well, that would seem to be a very good reason to say Bye Bye Crofty would it not? OTBC [/quote]Perhaps. I was more pointing at the fact that i''m a relatively new fan of NCFC though (I''m a Quakes supporter).
  14. I don''t want Norwich to lose Croft, that goal he scored against the scum was brilliant! (that''s the only thing i''ve seen him do)
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