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    A few words from today.

    Tend to agree about Byram keeping his place, Jamal is excellent but recently he turns back and goes home rather than advancing up the pitch, maybe not a bad idea to give Byram a spell on the pitch.
  2. ncfc-tom


    Hi guys, I'm currently in Thailand so unable to get the highlights, any chance any of you fine people could post them up please
  3. ncfc-tom


    Cheers peeps
  4. We are undoubtedly the most up down team to support in the world of football. The utter jubilation, excitement nerve wracking experience the championship gives us and the delight at promotion on each and every time we feel is astronomical yet the premiership comes and after 11 games we want to feel that again. The premiership for me is about big headed wealthy owners measuring their cox in the transfer market meaning only 10 can truly show competitiveness and the others flounder. I would love to stay in the premier but dont half miss the championship.
  5. ncfc-tom

    Supporting city

    Apologies that I work for a living and cant get to games because of it
  6. ncfc-tom

    Supporting city

    11...... was that your guess?
  7. ncfc-tom

    Supporting city

    I long for the weekend games right now then spend the evening broken and deflated
  8. No, I agree its as soft a penalty you will see
  9. All the sky sports pundits say no penalty so VAR still not preventing rubbish decisions
  10. Just seen that Martin Skrtel has been released by Atalanta after 1 game, could he be our CB saviour?
  11. Just out of pure interest has anybody dared to purchase any NCFC players on the football index and if so how has their stock rose?
  12. ncfc-tom

    Hammering on the cards

    I actually feel that the premier league could have destroyed our whole premier league experience with this fixture, Gary Neville saying we actually look ok and he likes us. Like starting a new job and the first day going horrendous and not wanting to go back.
  13. ncfc-tom


    Hi all, Long time reader not long time poster. I just wanted to see your opinions on the Villains and there spending powers already, is that the way forward? Are we going to cautiously into the premier or are we attacking it right?
  14. ncfc-tom


    £20 million for Mings and looking at McCarthy now also , I do hope their spending big and flop. Hoping Mings doesn't go all Oliviera on our players.
  15. ncfc-tom


    If there were any doubts in anyone''s minds about Seb''s dedication to the cause then they should be erased after Friday night.

    His pure anger at Ayalas play acting late on was good to see, I for 1 am delighted he''s back and showing passion.
  16. ncfc-tom

    Derby chanting

    Thanks very much, all makes perfect sense now, thought derby fans were excellent for banter
  17. ncfc-tom

    Derby chanting

    Hi all, I was at the game yesterday and thought the derby fans were very vocal, 1 chant I couldn''t work out or name the connection was the 1 they seemed to sing the most, sounded like keane is a fu:;(ng ars£&@e,

    Could anyone shed any light please?

    I will say I thought we massively deserved the win, I was calling for Redmond to enter the fray for some page down the right and felt tettey might have made way for howson to move central, shame it never happened IMO.
  18. ncfc-tom

    Alan Shearer

    His comment tonight about Papiss Cisse " the time to worry about your striker is when they don''t get chances, not when their missing chances"

    We still make chances albeit a few but we still make chances for our strikers and Their missing them so still no need to panic.

    Once they get 1 or 2 if think they will come more regularly.
  19. ncfc-tom

    Bad decisions

    I''m not going to start the " hoots out" because they won''t do it, I''m an eternal optimist and still feel we will be safe.

    Today was a classic example of trying to hard by hoots, making 5 changes was probably too many to start an away game, 2/3 yes but not 5, this game was crying out for a change of formation and tactic, teams know we are going to play 1 up top, maybe today should have been the day to try the diamond with RVW and hooper, I still feel RVW will excel when he has a supply chain, none of our strikers are lone strikers.
  20. ncfc-tom


    I''m not coming in here to slate the man, I''m now of the belief that he needs to go, but the main reason being that he has lost the fans completely and won''t be long before the players follow.

    Yes he makes some dodgy tactical decisions, yes his subs are questionable, but he has not got that staring 11 playing and playing well.

    Get a new man in now maybe di Matteo, whilst he has a chance to catch the players with a bit of belief and confidence.
  21. You heard it here first..... Paul lambert, apparently signing for Norwich city, the role of ball fetcher at Conley.
  22. ncfc-tom

    Sky goal of the year.

    Bombed out with 1% of the votes!!
  23. ncfc-tom

    Sky goal of the year.

    We have a contender in the 10 best goals of 2012.

    Pilks wonder header against manure in there amongst your agueros, crouchs and other quality strikes.
  24. ncfc-tom

    New black kit

    That new away strip is very smart!
  25. Just seen the sky sports transfer update and saw biglias name on their list if deals, I hope we have not been gazumped!