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  1. [quote user="Gnasher"]Quotes from here. http://www.tuttojuve.com/primo-piano/esclusiva-tj-il-norwich-esce-allo-scoperto-hughton-quagliarella-ci-interessa-cerchiamo-un-attaccante-149033[/quote]Google translate link: http://translate.google.co.uk/translate?sl=auto&tl=en&js=n&prev=_t&hl=en&ie=UTF-8&u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.tuttojuve.com%2Fprimo-piano%2Fesclusiva-tj-il-norwich-esce-allo-scoperto-hughton-quagliarella-ci-interessa-cerchiamo-un-attaccante-149033For the even lazyier:[quote]EXCLUSIVE TJ -The Norwich comes out. Hughton: "Quagliarella interests us. Looking for a striker"A few weeks ago we talk of the interest of Norwich City for Fabio Quagliarella. Indiscretion unveiled two weeks ago by Michele Criscitiello Sportitalia. In recent days, a delegation from the yellow-green club traveled to Italy to treat Juventus striker and seek advice from Catania for Maxi Lopez. The English club''s manager Chris Hughton TJ took stock of the situation on the market: "I can not deny that he was in Italy in recent days for work. In Serie A there are several interesting players, and they could do to the case of my club. Quagliarella? Surely it is a great striker and there may be of interest. However, there are many aspects to consider in a negotiation: it is one thing to be interested in a player and another is to be able to buy it. Let''s see what the will of the concerned. In attack we certainly another element, since parties are two of our attackers. We are interested in buying a striker Quagliarella and represent an important solution for us. "Now the ball is in the black and white points, which at the time, however, appears disinclined to accept the transfer. [/quote]
  2. Yeah if there are any streams would like to know!?
  3. [quote user="Canaries in Bed"]Is this Surley bloke managed in this league, because everyone said that''s important.[/quote]Apparently not, and don''t call me Shirley.Coffee?
  4. [quote user="bristol_canary"]but when he did...what colour was it[/quote]Grey last I saw.
  5. [quote user="bristol_canary"]no need to shout. you will hear for yourself in the next hour. p.s he is ginger[/quote]But Steve Coppell doesn''t have any hair?
  6. I''ve been disappointed that the club hasn''t managed to get Dion on board last season in some permanent capacity. He certainly had a positive effect on the dressing room last year away at Birmingham.
  7. Yes they have an early phone in on now. You can listen to it on the bbc iplayer site up to the kick off when it switches to the licensed ncfc official site.
  8. [quote user="oneclubineastanglia"]  Burley, Butcher.......  Not on a par with Grant, Gunn, Roeder.......all great managers,,,,,!!!!!!!!!  You''ll get what you''re given and be thankful i''m guessing.......!  Boothroyd.......................hahahahahaha even shitter football than you play already.....can''t wait! [/quote]Lol binner alert. Who''s got the ban hammer?
  9. [quote user="NCFCanary"]How about Jon Ostemobor as Player/Manager till the end of the season?one night though we were driving back home from livorno and we saw 29 prostitutes   The guy knows exactly what hes doing on a football pitch and could really push us for promotion!?   Thoughts anyone??[;)] [/quote]Lol what have the prostitues got to do with it? Wayward copy-paste?
  10. The fact only he is quoted in the club statement seems to indicate it was mostly his decision. In the past when stuff has happened often Delia and Michael will have had a quote included giving their backing on the events.
  11. [quote user="Sir Arthur Whittle"]Me? Toady Adams, Ian Butterworth, Brian Kidd, Gary McCallister, Iain Dowie, Ian Crook. [/quote]Crikey thats a good list of who to avoid. Must be some ex-ipswich managers we can fit in there? Jim Magilton?
  12. [quote user="Rupethebear"]When 2 of your new signings do not even make it onto the field for the 2nd game, after playing in the first, you are in effect suggesting that you have signed the wrong players![/quote]I can just hear alan hansen on motd saying something like "everyone knows its gonna be difficult when you start the new season with a brand new squad and all those players will need time to gel" but alas we''ll never know if it might have worked out after a few more games.
  13. 1) Curbishley2) Coppell3) Strachan (oh noes not another scot)
  14. [quote user="CaptnCanary"]Yeah, its similar to the fantastic advice of - ''if you are a member of crew on the Star Ship Enterprise, and you have never appeared on the TV show before, never accept an invitation on an away mission as you will invariably end up dead''[/quote]It''s not the away missions that get ya, it''s the red shirt.
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