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  1. This is typical BS sensationalist journalism.. 1: She has not left..She is looking for a buyer or partner after those prats the Turners backed out on their agreement when they signed on to play ''super fan''. 2: No transfer buget for Roeder? The window is shut until the new year and he has signed 13! 3:Frantic behind the scenes sackings or player wages being cut?..They resigned 2 weeks ago and in that time we ADDED 2 players well aware that the Turners were not fulfilling their end of things...added wages so it''s unlikely they now want to cut. Especially as Sibierski arrived on Prem wages the night before this announcement. Why do people speculate and make up nonsense? -Bigus
  2. Mellow Yello. Yes they are loans because we could not afford to buy those players in our dreams! And we are full circle. If  Norwich were to replace those loans with purchases right now you would be able to spend 200k a piece. For that you will get cr-p.  For the budget available to NCFC the loan market was the only option and GR has done a super job in my opinion. Look at other teams..See what they spent..Even the sides who blow a million or 2 on a forward only signed 2 or 3 others. We have a new team playing good football and I am delighted wth that. Whether or not they leave at the end of the season is irrelevent. last years Ched is this years Lupoli. Next years Lupoli will be someone else. I''ll take the better class of player on that pitch over what we can afford any day of the week. -Bigus  
  3. So you don''t want Lupoli, Bertrand, Kennedy and Sibierski then? Ok...Lets get Thorne, Brown and a bunch of  kids from the acedmy that aren''t up to snuff back.
  4. Trent..I am hoping we will be doing that re-building in the Prem!
  5. "Then what''s" and "what if''s" are irrelevant. What of we''d bought Maynard for 2.25 million and he got injured? Then what would we do? Sons of...I hear ya and I don''t disagree but I never said we should fill the side with loans and not have any assets. No one can rate Bell yet, but Clingan, Stefanovic and Hoolahan do look good. I did however say that having assets that are cr-- instead of a loan like Bertrand or Lupoli will leave you with nothing to sell but just another player to release like Lappin. Another player sucking wages that has nothing to offer the standard you need to climb the table. The face of football is changing forever with rising fees and whether or not you or I like it the loan market is a good way to obtain quality players. I am also reading in more than one place by many people that Saturday''s performance was the best for years. Linking play involving our loans was at times fantastic. You can''t have it both ways...This team with it''s loans included makes the team at the same time last year look League 2. And I haven''t questioned Glenn''s Judgment, in fact I have applauded it. His clever use of the loan market to improve our side is seriously impressive . -Bigus
  6. The more loans they merrier. They are better players than we could possibly attract with a Colaship budget and if they gel? Who knows. Yes we may get a new team every year...But we are getting better players. Feeder club? We are getting the benefit from the loans. We could never afford Bertrand or Lupoli. Few in this league could!
  7. Barclay Boy...I think that fact that they are not ours is to our advantage...They suck? Send em back..They work out? Great..Nothing lost. Promotion is the goal but who wants to be stuck with a bunch of players on 3 year deals when we do? Players who cannot play in the Prem? Getting players from the Prem is a win win. Sons of Boadicea. I see your point but Bertrand was never within our budget or that of any Colaship club.. Chelsea turned down 2 mil in the summer from Hull. He is better than this league and we are reaping the benefits. The loan system works a treat. Bertrand may be on a 3 month loan but Roeder indicated at the time that this would be extended for the season. The 3 months covers Chelsea''s back should they suffer an injury crisis. A good debate this one...One thing is for sure. Lupoli and Kennedy would not be here if not for loans. Bishop and Shackell would. -Bigus
  8. An optimist much like old Bigus..Well said Eliis.
  9. There ya go. Agreed and 4 of those are perms... Nice work City.. Marshall, Semi, Kennedy, Stefanovic, Bertrand, Hoolahan, Russell, Clingan, Bell, Sibierski and Lupoli. Now that''s a nice starting 11. -Bigus
  10. Yeah thats all we can do Strawberry but I''d rather have Lupoli and Sibierski than Brown and Thorne.
  11. Not quite true. Check out Hereford. Most loans are a better class of player than you can afford. If you can afford them then you blow 3 million on an Ameobi instead of getting 7 good loans. Yeah you can only play five. Well Archibald-Henville and Koroma will probably be squad now. I am hoping we don''t lose one of the back two or Lupoli. We finally have depth at every position and instead of embracing that all people do is moan. If it were not for the loan system we would not have nearly as deep a squad as we do now. 2 players for every spot. Better players than we have had for a few years! If they work out maybe we can keep a couple, if not then get another...Roeder is using players from a higher league and hoping their higher standard will do the job. I hope we CAN''T keep them because that means they are good and thats what gets you up above everyone else! -Bigus
  12. Moan, moan, moan another loan, loan, loan... Good. Loans are ace. They are fantastic. Why? You get to sign players who you a: Cannot afford to buy, b: Cannot afford to pay. What you don''t end up with is a duffer you CAN afford who is stuck on the wage bill for three years and a shot that a 2 year old would be happy with. Go up? Brilliant. Your loans have done the job and you have plenty of wages freed up for the big time. Stay down? Get some more loans or re-sign a few you tried last year that worked as well as Bertrand. Loans are fantastic ladies and gentlemen. Fabulous. Finally for all the moaners who complain we should not be signing 34 year old forwards and young reserves, a reality check. My Norwich City and yours are currently a Championship club with a Championship budget. We have signed 13 players this summer and still the moaning on this board continues. How many clubs signed 13 this year, or for that matter 24 last year! From what I saw on Saturday we looked a bit tasty. Sibierski is what we needed. A holding forward who can score. At this level he will be spot on. I personally would have prefered Iversen but I guess I will have to wait until January if ever. Just a thought, out of the 13 we signed, who is unhappy with Stefanovic, Kennedy, Lupoli, Clingan, Hoolahan and Bertrand? I thought not... Up the City! Bigus.
  13. "thought to be in the region" To many speculators think..Too often!
  14. He also failed to concentrate for a full 90 mins. Kennedy and Stefanovic are better no? And Archibald-Henville comes recommended from Spurs fans who have seen him play in the reserves.
  15. Well...Maybe competition for places works? Semi did alright on Saturday didn''t he? Maybe Drury is being flogged? All will be revealed in due course....tick tock tick tock.. www.unprofessionalfoul.blogspot.com
  16. Exciting isn''t it? Seven loans now so a striker must be a cash purchase. -Bigus
  17. The above does actually make sense as reports say Grounds can play centre half! :)
  18. This lad is a left back...With Archibald- Henville here too I think Drury is probably on the outs... Still, unnecessary business if you ask me! Don''t we need a forward :) -Bigus
  19. Iwan held the ball up and brought the midfield into play around the box. This new striker does not have to bang in goals, he needs to be able to win the ball and hold it up. That''s whats missing. -Bigus
  20. Go and ask that question to Hereford boss Graham Turner. If you can loan a player from a higher league thus getting a better standard of player for a year then I am all for it. It may be a cheaper way of signing players but these loans still cost money / higher wages in some cases and who is to say the player will be any good or fit in? Loan him and you are not stuck with a rubbish player for 3 years..Chris Brown or Ched Evans? John Kennedy or Gary Doherty?You decide. -Bigus
  21. His name has been bounced around teams in this division for three years now. At 2 million, at 1 million and now he is 250k? There is a reason for that..he sux! -Bigus    
  22. Hmm...Well the Earthquakes have improved dramatically since Hucks arrived but they did sign 3 other starters too including Francisco Lima and Arturo Alvarez. Huckerby IS having a field day in the M.L.S but it is also a pretty weak league..One pass, two pass, give it away...repeat for 90 mins. But Huckerby''s influence there should not be underestimated. He has been very influential setting up goals and scoring 2 and setting up 3 in 5 games. He also been his usual self...Runs down the left, one twos into the box etc. -Bigus  
  23. Oh lord...Blessed father in heaven...Please help Glenn Roeder see the error of his ways. It is bad enough that Gary Doherty was handed a new contract...Playing him up front would surely destroy our season...Please lord, just help Glenn sign a forward. One who can score 45 goals a season and hold the ball up. I am not greedy lord. i am a Norwich fan! Amen. -Bigus.
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