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  1. I wonder how he''d react if i told him kaka was on his way??? lol!
  2. [quote user="Badger"]Only once - against Stoke a couple of years ago - the year when Hucks got sent off.[/quote] Thats the only game ive left early aswell, we really were bad. But thats the only one!   and once our fans left...the attendance halved haha
  3. i dont think russell would be the best one to go for...he shud definately start coz fotheringham has the turning circle of an articulated lorry and the mobility of a dining room table and 6 chairs! i reckon stefanovic shud be given the armband, commanding centre half...who better?
  4. [quote user="FozzyFan"] My name is gary doherty i am just over 6ft with a littly bit of ginger hair. i have scored about 10 goals in 300 league games   [/quote] hahahahahaha   Put me in gaffer...ill do a job. AND ill play for free if needs be lol
  5. thats a good shout to be fair! give it 10-15 games n then assess whats going on! but can u use a darker colour next time...it proper hurt my eyes!
  6. [quote user="blahblahblah"] I''ve just taken a long look at myself. Damn - I''m pretty. [/quote] That was EXACTLY what i was going to post! haha
  7. [quote user="Pboro_Canary"]Saha! Thanks for putting a smile on my face this afternoon.[/quote]   Louis Haha
  8. Crespo....   IF we live in a world where Ipswich arent scum!!! Ahhhh no....not yet then
  9. [quote user="LondonITFC"] But as your friends point out, attendances don''t get you points or even goals!! I would rather play in front of 5 people and win, than play in front of 24,000 and lose most weeks!! [/quote]   be a bit shit though haha....last time i checked, u boys enjoyed languishing mid-table almost as much as us, havent seen a great deal of success for you!!
  10. There was that one memorable victory.... 1-0 against Rushden & Diamonds a while back....thank the lord for Zema Abbey LMAO
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