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  1. A question would be written ''Has there ever been a more decisive turn around ?'' It would have a question mark. Mine did not. Stupid probably......... Question no. My point was that the away performances have gone from brilliant to mainly awful and the poster who picked out the Newcastle match as the key moment is probably right. Hopefully WBA will be another turning point
  2. ''The OP is a load of nonsense.. but in answer to the (stupid question)...'' The OP merely stated a fact....but thank you for responding to my ''stupid question'' with some examples
  3. AN''s first 14 away matches up to Sunderland 11 wins 3 draws 0 defeats 14 matches since Sunderland 15 August 1 win 2 draws 11 defeats Wonder if there has ever been a more decisive turn around in performance .. yes , in a higher league, but even so, amazing to have gone from an all time high to such a poor showing.
  4. Seems like he has not been forgiven by the manager for his part in the first goal vs Villa. Not so much the foul which conceded the free kick but the failure to challenge Lescott on the cross. He tends to wander out of the middle too much for a lone striker Why was he back making that clumsy challenge deep on the touchline at Villa Park ? Good at close control in tight situations but doesn''t stretch the play like Jerome does. Like so many this season has flattered to deceive
  5. Many similarities to 94/5 A thin squad in terms of quality players Record signing centre back our best player Newsome... Bassong A hard working but non scoring leader of the attack Ashley Ward...Holt Defensive minded manager with little flexibility Deehan..Hughton Over reliance on one creative midfielder Crook..Hoolahan A few hard fought wins and draws in Nov Dec giving false security Goalkeeper out long term with much inferior replacements Luck turning against us at crucial moments esp away from home..West Ham, Spurs Leicester and Leeds away in 94/5 I recall using up half a seasons luck in 94/5 with a Jan 1st win over Newcastle in A Marshall''s first full game which left us 6th  into the New Year And then we took 10 points from the last 20 matches Hopefully the uncanny similarities will not be continued into 2013
  6. [quote user="Rob"]Jozy Altidore, Mohammed Abdellaoue, Dieumerci Mbokani, Tarik El Younoussi, Oribe Peralta, Davy Claude Angan, Christian Chuco Benitez or possibly Erick Torres Any of those would do, but doubt any will happen[/quote]   Saw Mbokani score an excellent hat trick last week for Anderlecht..reminded me of the style of Efan Ekoku for those with a long memory
  7. 74/75 Promotion season...my first.. Special train from Thorpe to Old Trafford, more plastic Reds on board than Norwich . Missed the return train ..got home via London. Martin Peters on board after his debut. Home at 3.00am Cheering Geoff Butler''s last minute goal at the Den in the middle of the Millwall fans Promotion at Fratton Park. Battles on the terraces and a brick through the coach window. Wembley as well..not bad for a first season
  8. My regret of the 2004-5 season was that there were 4 teams far worse than the rest and we lost a point away at Southampton and 2 at Palace in the final minutes in end of season games were we had played well.. With those points against our direct rivals the last day surrender at Fulham would have been irrelevant. Don''t think here will be four teams tailed off long before the end of the season this time.
  9. Well worth the money, good detail of the main moments and every match covered, don''t what more could have done. Good record of an outstanding season.
  10. Andy Proudlove...one 45 minute sub appearance at White Hart Lane in the late 70''s...a flying winger....
  11. Holt....exactly the player we have needed for ages.
  12. Great player ,Eddy ,a proper defender , what a bonus to have picked him up for nothing and why ever did we let him go ? Green..Edworthy...Mackay..Fleming ..Drury, was that only five years ago ?
  13. 4-2 at Highbury...Got to be the best opening day! The other one that sticks in my memory is a 3-1 win at West Ham in 1977..Dave Jones scoed twice. We then failed to win the next 41 away games till...the opening day two seasons later 4-2 at Everton. Sure I have been on about this before on here! Worst ever? For me, 4-0 defeat at Millwall a few years back,....
  14. TK forum is the groundhoppers forum which bears the name of the late Tony Kempster , the Non League statisician.....http://www.nlpl.co.uk/forum ..I guess the unusual venue for the match attracted some grondhoppers to go...the report is in the ''where did you go ?'' section for the 16th .
  15. This is how others see us, according to a grouhdhopper on TK forum.....................................................Norwich''s travelling entourage has to be seen to be believed; manager, coaches, goalkeeping coaches, physios, masseurs, sports scientists, club media reps, video camermen etc. No Delia, however, although one former Norwich legend was amongst the ''crowd'', unnoticed by the current generation of City fans ( Kevin Drinkell )
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