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  1. Read some other threads - you''ll find oads of views.   Lazy sod...
  2. It kind of made sense when i heard it. Does any Norwich fan actually like Doncaster? Never heard of this Jones chap, so I wouldn''t know what he''s like. I believe it was ''Doomcaster''  that came up with the old ''Prudence with Ambition'' pearl of wisdom!   God I hate Doncaster....
  3. I certainly think the club should say something! Maybe a reassuring word from Delia, or even the chairman just to let the fans know things are under control. After all, the club have said nothing at all, and everything that has been said so far has come from disgruntled fans who know nothing more about the situation than what the club has told them - nothing!
  4. Only re-laying what i heard. If chase was not in control, why was he blamed for what happened? As i said before, i''m just telling you what i was told. How dare I?
  5. I''ve been chatting to an old chap at work, who is good friends with someone who used to be on the board (Mr Jones?) at Carra, and he insists that Delia is not the problem, its all down to Doncaster!!! According to him, the turners wanted to put in £10 million, but Doncater wouldn''t allow it (would that have made them majority share holders?)! He said that the problem is that no one on the board knows a thing about football, and Doncaster is working hard to prevent the club getting into a situation like the one with Chase(one person controlling everything). The guy i was talking to is a lovely chap, and i have no reason to disbelieve him. How do you go about getting rid of the chief exec?
  6. More news about Frinton golf club changing their sock law than transfer news for city on Anglia news.   Speaking of anglia news, what about that Wendy Hurrel - Phwoar!!
  7. It seems strange that the chairman hasn''t come out and talked about the current situation at all. They must be able to see the unrest amongst the fans, surely a statement in support of the board from him would be appropriate now?! Or a statemnt against the board if he so wishes?!
  8. The chap is only expressing his view. He thinks it''s wrong to hurl personal abuse towards Delia over this.
  9. There must have been a plan for the summer before PC went to the EDP with his first statement  a few weeks ago. Or maybe GR releasing most of the players was to force the board into action. Basically, they have to take the offer, or cough up.
  10. a sphincter says what? (say it really quickly).   Or do the old Reeves and Mortimer (seen on Something for the Weekend today!), "can you smell onion?", "No", then hold an onion up to his face and say, "not even when it''s right in your face?".
  11. I think the £20 million figure came from PC''s offer in October...
  12. I think this whole post is utter rubbish. The Data Protection act means that Axa would be breaking the law if they discussed NCFC business with someone who is not officially connected to NCFC. It''s the law. It''s like me speaking the the bank about my girlfriends account. They just wouldn''t allow it.
  13. Thanks bunny, but it still won''t work.... D''oh!
  14. [quote user="Marty"][quote user="Wally"]unlike Delia, who is now pure evil....[/quote] It''s cretinous sh*t like this that puts me off this message board! And to think I had once thought that the posters on here were pretty level headed and inteligent. Some people seem to have the brains of pond life. I don''t mind a difference in opinion but this sort of vile dross winds me up. 7 posts, I wonder why? probably one post per IQ point you have. [/quote]   I was simply quoting another thread (Delia is an evilt dictactor). The brain of Pondlife? It wasn''t me leading the mob onto Delias own website yesterday, to try and get something done! Or is that not cretentious sh*t, because they are doing it for your reason.   It is just THAT kind of SH*T that puts me off this message board - I stopped posting during the WO campaign for the same reason. Next time you choose to insult someone, get to know who you are insulting, it helps! I thought this was a place to express your views, not school yard bullying. Cretin!
  15. yeah baby! Anything with Iwan involved - big toothless grin would be quality, and i have no idea how to make stuff like that.
  16. I thought this all started last October? And to be honest, i''ll be happy if all the details do come out this week, but i won''t hold my breath, even if you do have some ''inside knowledge''. At least then all the people who are trying to put pressure on the board will know why they are doing it. Right now, 99% of the people who seem to know how the deal should have gone, don''t have the same ''inside knowledge'' that you are privvy to. Look at it, if PC hadn''t contacted the EDP, no one would be any the wiser, and the sh*t would be nowhere near the fan. If the sh*t does hit the fan this week, then people can moan and groan till their hearts are content. I personally, will wait until i hear all the details until I try to put pressure on anyone.
  17. I don''t think at''s as clear cut as that. And therein lies the problem! If it was that black and white, i''m sure something would have happened. Or do you work closely with the club accountants and know all this is fact?
  18. face it, we''re not going to get £20,000,000 to spend. Lets wait and see what happens between now and the start of the season.
  19. She did have a baby not too long back - you sly dog...
  20. Just noticed you''re in Manchester Evil Monkey, i do apologise. One of my mates is obsessed with the evil monkey in family guy, and i though it might be you, but he''s in Norwich, so it can''t be you.
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