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  1. Tune is Michael row the boat.Michael Rose is gonna score, hallelujah.etc
  2. Why would you let your goalkeeping coach go on holiday during the middle of the season, why not let him go on holiday during an international week?Why do we need a goalkeeping coach anyway?Did he improve the goalkeeping skills of Andy Marshall, Robert Green, Paul Gallacher, David Marshall?Ken Oxford, Ken Nethercott, Sandy Kennon, Kevin Keelan and Chris Woods never had a full time goalkeeping coach at Norwich and I would swap any of them for any of the keepers that have been coached by Malcolm Webster, Perry Suckling or James Hollman.Oh yeah and he''s a scu***r.
  3. Hey if I was a  board member, I''d much rather spend £250,000 converting Scores to the restaurant Yellows than on the defender Martin Taylor and I’m sure you all would too. Hmm what’s the saying....  Oh yeah.  "FOOTBALL must come first".
  4. Have a look at the FA website, it will eventually be on there.http://www.thefa.com/TheFA/Disciplinary/SuspensionLists/
  5. 1st man:        I think my dog is a blacksmith.2nd man:       Why is that?1st man:        Because when I kick him, he makes a bolt for the door.
  6. Oh dear, what of I started?  Tee Hee. Should I mention brought and bought? What a difference an r can make! Both words are used when communicating in the past tense, but have entirely different meanings. Bought: past tense of   "to buy". "Jeremy bought a new computer for £500." Brought: past tense of   "to bring". "Katherine brought several bottles of wine to the party." I don''t know about you, but I like Katherine betterer.  
  7. Well, just try conjugating it: I of, you of, he/she/it ofs, we of, you of, they of. I don''t think so! Its have that you are looking for. Could have, Would have, Should have.
  8. [quote user="Web Team - Vince"]The problem was at a third party supplier..Everyone on the webdesk is highly trained and knew exactly how to celebrate when we couldn''t get on with web work (erm, get on with other work), but tonight it appears that the linesman has put his flag up signalling we have to return to the centre-circuit in the morning.[/quote]How many supplied parties do you need, one is normally enough!  The poor old players at Carra have had to cancel theirs!
  9. Please help I need more stupid questions for the SUPPORTERS INFORMATION POINT outside the River End.  If the club is going to provide them then we should (ab)use them. The poor spotty oik (just like the one from The Simpsons) was getting very wet by his brand new gleaming white stand, so i just had to ask the question.  "When will it stop raining?"  "I dunno." Was the reply. What sort of information was that?  The correct answer should have been 21:36, then a warm front will come in from the North sea. So next weeks question, "How many beans make five?"  Unless you have a better one?
  10. This is a tough one YC, not many rhyming names at Carra. Young defender know as Andy Cave-Brown, Suffered injury that knocked him back down, On his comeback he said, "I''ll score two with my head, Which is one more than striker Chris Browne". So I will cheat and just chuck in a couple of limericks that do not have two rhyming names. There once was a right back called Drury, Was made City captain by jury. Was as slow as your Dad. Marking corners was bad. Couldn''t organise piss up in brewery. The right winger know as Lee Croft, Wore pink and was said to be soft, Away fans would just say, "Are you sure he’s not gay, Saw him dancing away in The Loft". Legal Disclaimer:  Please note that the above limericks are not true, have been completely made up for comedy purposes, and are parodies and not to be taken seriously.
  11. If my memory (cards) serve me correctly I remember that he has a great shot.  I have heard from a good source that he is in the frame for a run out on Saturday.
  12. E2V, next time you are bored watching the rubbish in front of you on the lovely £700,000 pitch have a look around at the wonderful stadium, the restaurants, the car parks, the travel shop, the car showroom, the new Yellows pub, the hotel.  Then look at the City stand glance up a bit, it says Norwich City FOOTBALL Club, then think about how all that money could have been spent on improving that rubbish squad that you are fed up watching.Thats why I blame the board because of the millions of pounds that has been wasted on non football issues!
  13. So you have a two and a half hour drive home, it must mean you have a two and a half hour drive to the game, you then spend ~ 90mins watching the game, so you commit approx six and a half hours to watch a Norwich City match.  That’s a quarter of your day and surely the most important part of your day as you are a committed fan and have driven two and a half hours to get there, and you can''t spare another 5 minutes, why bother to even drive all that time? The chap along the row leaves on 85 minutes, no matter what time the match kicks off, so there can be no train / bus excuse there.  He then misses 4 minutes of extra time, a total of 9 minutes or 10% of the match.  He pays approx £25 a match for a ticket, and wastes £2.50 per match or £60 per season if you include one cup game.  Why? Yes I have read the above and I do sort of understand, but no I still don''t really understand. City Till (five minutes before) I Die!
  14. Yes too loud, i could not hear any banter from the Barclay to the Blue Tongues until the game had started.  Also during the game it buzzes like hell in the Riverend.
  15. CUSDP, I agree with your point about the defence playing the ball over the midfield, however during that 6 to 10 minutes he never once dropped back to give the defenders an easy pass to him and make himself space to enable him to dictate the game.I have not seen him play for England youth teams so i cannot comment on that.If the fans have so much influence on a game, how do you explain that park teams can win games with just one man and his dog watching?  Fans not signing is acceptable, we pay to get in and don''t have to sing if we dont want to!  Players are paid very well to play football, regardless of age, quality or ability, is it acceptable that they do not put in the commitment and effort on a matchday?
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