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  1. I recently moved to Dublin from the fine city. I could never support any other team, but would jump at the chance to go and watch a love game somewhere. It would be great to feel the atmosphere of a match, without any of the disappointment of a bad result. There would effectively be no bad results. I''m also looking forward to taking in a Hurling match. That looks brutal!
  2. Good post. I''ve been surprised more fans aren''t saying much the same - on here at least.
  3. I''m afraid I can''t see him staying. It will be a shame, but he''s better than the championship, whether we believe it or not.
  4. Based on the fact that he''s made a great living, and built a reputation as a good footballer, having played for Holland. He''d be our best player if we could get home scoring. Don''t you think it''s a bit funny how all these free scoring strikers have become bad players in our squad (Holt, Becchio, RVW, Hooper). What''s the common denominator?
  5. Probably none, but his naughty tweet towards the end of last season, as well as the clubs complete lack of confidence in him, to me at least, means even if another club won''t pay his wages, he won''t be playing here. Depends how much he wants to play I guess.
  6. I doubt we''ll keep hold of hooper and RVW though. If I was becchio, I doubt I''d want to stay either.
  7. I''ve got to admit, he had success at rangers, the moved to us briefly, Fulham, and Birmingham, and back to us. Every team he''s been involved with has been relegated. Coincidence?
  8. I''ve got a feeling that everything will work out with Neil Adams. Let''s be honest, if CH had not been sacked, we wouldn''t have overcome sunderlands run last season (could anyone have imagined us getting 3 wins?). I can understand the decision to give an Ncfc head a shot at the job, having already tested him in the harshest environment (5 games - 4 against champs league teams). We were all banging on about how well we were going to do last season, with the signings, and it didn''t happen. Now everyone is writing off the decision to put Neil Adams in. I just have a feeling he''ll prove us wrong.
  9. Fans are fickle. They don''t all worry about the big picture - that''s for the people who run the club. No fan was wrong to expect better following our outlay, and well publicised lack of debt. The fans have only expected what was achieved in previous seasons, under more pressing conditions (debt, low spending). We''ve been the perfect example of a club sleepwalking towards relegation. I went to Hull away, and we were awful. Playing against a promoted team with 10 men for an hour, and we had one shot. How were the fans to blame for that? 3000 city fans having a right go, not backed up at all by their team. It took months of those performances before fans started to lose patience.
  10. I''d say the anti Hughton agenda created a poisonous atmosphere on this message board, but not in the stadium. The atmosphere only went bad when we played badly and struggled when we maybe shouldn''t have. Every single club has fans who voice frustrations, ours is no different. Maybe it''s the lack of a right to do so, that spread the atmosphere, rather than just accepting that some fans might disagree. Too late now, we''re down.
  11. Sadly, I''m a new exile. I must admit, it''s much easier to deal with relegation than it would have been if I was still in wymondham. I managed a betting shop, so my job was literally to talk about sport. Difficult not to get too down about results when you have to spend the next 3 days talking about each one. Not looking forward to following from a distance next season though. Any advice gratefully received.
  12. The one thing worse than a sore loser - is a sore winner. Fair play to you guys - you wanted it more, and weren''t afraid to make the necessary changes. Enjoy another season as whipping boys.
  13. Just wondering if anyone can shed any light on how our relegation will affect our Category 1 academy status. I assume it will eat a fair chunk of our limited football league income, but should provide a decent opportunity to produce some more good quality players of our own.
  14. I would say there was a huge error of judgement from Hughton to sign Bassong, but to then make a player as laid back as bassong your captain was an immense failure. The exact opposite of our previous captain. I see bassong for us this season, as exactly as he was for wolves when they went down. He clearly doesn''t give a monkeys about the club, or the situation we''ve been drifting towards for months. I was chuffed that Adams spotted it.
  15. I''m just saying, not answering. I''ve got to admit feeling a little envious back in January when hull signed jelavic and Long. I can understand the way we play not attracting players, but whys that? I don''t pretend to know, but to say that decent strikers are gold dust is BS, Hull signed 2. We signed 2 in the summer, according to most. Completely ineffective for us though.
  16. [quote user="ron obvious"].........".Surely there has got to be some prolific goalscorers out there who we could have afforded "........ I think that is the fundamentally incorrect assumption made by many people here. Such players are gold dust.[/quote] Hull managed to sign 2 goal scorers in January .
  17. If the manager makes so little difference, how do you explain palace suddenly sitting mid table? A manager makes all the difference. An entire season (Minus 5 games) of negativity and defending won''t be undone by a novice manager against 4 of the biggest clubs in Europe. Our board missed the boat. Refused to acknowledge their mistake, and hoped for the best, clinging onto a 10 game run that got further and further away. Whilst the dissenters were barracked by fellow fans for trying to rock the boat. A shambles all round really. Still, one bad season in 5 isn''t all bad. We''ll all still be following our boys next year, hopefully with a bit more to cheer.
  18. A lot of fans have said since very early this season that Hughton should go, but been accused of ''pant wetting'' by fellow fans. This view kept him in a job. McNally should have sacked CH months ago, but didn''t want to lose what support they had from the fans. It turns out that accusing fans who could tell the wood from trees of ''pant wetting'', cost us so dear. Only when it appeared that keeping CH would mean we didn''t have the support to keep us up, was less of a risk than getting rid. I can understand him not wanting to alienate so many fans by being so bold, and hoping for the best. If it goes right, everyone is on board. It didn''t go right. Simple. He should be commended for having the balls to back his manager. But should learn that you have to invest to stay in the prem. hopefully we''ll get back first time, and be all the better for it.
  19. [quote user="lake district canary"][quote user="Brienne"]Why wont it work LDC? What are the reasons?[/quote] The only hope is that a burst of positivity or optimism can give the team a lift at a vital time. It could work, but the chances are it won''t - imo. Why? Because Snodgrass will still dither. Hoolahan will still give the ball away. Redmond will still be inconsistent. RVW and Hooper still won''t get the service. The defence will still look shaky and the midfield weak. I hope I''m wrong. [/quote] Even with this list of faults, you have remained adamant that Hughton was the right manager.
  20. [quote user="lake district canary"]That''s relegation nailed on. Board has lost its nerve. Hope you are all happy with that. [/quote] I think we would have all been happier if this had been done with time to save the season, but we were all accused of pant wetting for complaining.
  21. Even as an ardent outer, surely the board had decided to stick until the end of the season, I find this strange timing. So many opportunities missed to do the same, with half a season, or a transfer window for new man to work with. Panic reaction to a situation that has been building for months. Good luck Adams.
  22. Obviously, after every away game now (apart from 2) we''re told how the players didn''t do what they were supposed to, or something''s to that effect. It is hard to see why they would do that away, and not at home, but we''ll never know, I guess. One (other) thing that''s bothering me with our situation, is surely if we now have 6 games to save our pl status, something should have changed in training. We''re always told they other team look sharper than us, or they happened to be on their game, and we were not. I can''t believe Swansea, who have struggled in the league all season too, can be sharper than us, when they''ve played a lot more games than we have, regularly travelling around Europe for midweek games. If we can''t be sharp for a game a week after our last, when we''ve bowed out of every other competition with a whimper, then we never will be. I''d suggest that our training methods are no good. What more could we have had last week to pump up the team? 3 points against a rival, a decent performance, and a week to prepare. I would suggest that this could be partly responsible for some of the injuries we''ve suffered. I''m so fed up of this season. It could have been so much more enjoyable.
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