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  1. I used to have a fish tank and I think I am correct in saying that there was a fisch called a pleque (or however you spell it). It used to suck along the bottom and on the glass. Anyway I used to call mine Robert of course, get it Robert Fleck, Pleque!!!!   God I loved that fish
  2. Hell yeah 50 million for players!! just to add a bit of blue on the kit and the ground having a sign to say Aviva stadium, but we wil all still know it as carrow road. Only thing is the name change, might have to haggle on that.
  3. The evening news article has now changed from press conference to - more news is due out of carrow road later! Why has this changed?? I fear we won''t hear anything else from the club today.    
  4. [quote user="West_London_Canary"] If a deal has been going on between Cullum and Delia and Co over the last two weeks then we would have heard about it so there''s no chance in that, although hopefully this press conference this afternoon will set the story straight on a few things but I wont hold my breathe. I can see the details being very vague. i.e Delia will say things just didn''t work out between them and the Turners, but wont actually state why that was.   [/quote]   I know it is very unlikely to be that and agree with you what the likely speal will be, but deals can be done quietly, did nayone know unti yesterday about man city?
  5. The article states near the bottom that there will be a press conference this afternoon. If the turners did leave 2 weeks ago like they stated, could a deal with PC already be done and the announcement will be made today!! I know its all pipe dreams! http://www.eveningnews24.co.uk/content/news/story.aspx?brand=ENOnline&category=NewsSplash&tBrand=ENOnline&tCategory=NewsSplash&itemid=NOED02%20Sep%202008%2011%3A27%3A20%3A283
  6. Moving to Sutton in a couple of weeks and also had the dilema of renewing or not as a worthy has to go believer. In the end i renewed but as already metioned I don''t fell I ama true or better supporter than anyone but just feel that we are better than what we have been seeing and one day the premiership dream will vbecome true once more as I must be a part of that. I would be reall ****** off if promotion became a certainty next season and I would have given up my season ticket next season because of that chump worthy.
  7. Can''t agree with you enough. This statement has made me so mad and also looks like we won''t be signing anybody. Why didn''t he think about this before bringing in those 2 or 3 useless midfielders. Worthy is a joke he''s got to go.
  8. Help worthy buy another Any Hughes they must be having a laugh. Anyway the way he buys palyer I bet he could get 2 or 3 with 250,000 http://www.canaries.premiumtv.co.uk/page/News/FirstNewsDetail/0,,10355~771821,00.html
  9. Can supporters please keep us up to date with regards to the snow, really want to make it tonight but don''t fancy getting stuck.
  10. Hi all first post on here but I promise this did happen. Whilst visiting family in Manchester yesterday I took a trip to the Trafford shopping centre. To my absolute surprise whilst in Selfridges I bumped into the man himself, Mr Worthington. To give him some credit he took some time to talk to me. I asked him what he was doing and if he was scouting. To which I felt he gave his typical media answer that the club were always looking out for new players, no answer there then. He then stated that I must be very committed being a season ticket holder in Manchester, which I had to explain that I actually lived in Norwich but was visiting family. Mr Worthy added that this is what he was also doing, to which i jokingly (but seriously) replied shouldn''t you be training, he laughed but did not answer, although to be fair he might not have heard. We then shook hands and I offered my support, which I may have been a little two faced about, and we parted. NoW I''m not one to start rumours but any other ideas why he might have been up there. Yes he may have been visiting family and if that is correct shouldn''t they be doing some extra training even if there is not a game this weekend. Overall though a generally nice guy who took some time to speak to me.            
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