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  1. croft was brill tonight! just seems to be getting better every time he starts?  
  2. sorry server is not working. i said. we are fucki**g shit. why?
  3. get a life. hucks has moved on. maybe its about  time for you 2 move on.. by the wy croft as awesome today b4 you all slag him off  
  4. if i was bad at my job for over a year i would most prob get sacked. people are allowed there opinion on players. after all the fans do contribute to the players wages. can sum 1 tell me what curo has ever actually done for this club? people say he bleeds yellow and green!? the only thing i remember him doing is havin his hair yellow and green for that scum game? this is my personal opinion!  
  5. people say jc bleeds yellow and green. the only thing i can remember him ever doing is having his hair yellow and green for that scum game!  
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