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  1. I am really surprised that City1st or Buh haven''t posted calling you all yokels, I''m sure there''s time yet.
  2. He''s done a really good job so far but I must say I think that we have the best squad in the division by some way as well. He''s big and bold enough to change it when it''s not working, so kudos for that. I don''t suppose we''ll see an end to tedious "I told you so" posts for a long time but if we''re winning, who cares?
  3. No sympathy, would they feel sympathy for us if we were in their boat...nope. They are finished as a club, no one not anyone is going to buy Ipswich. 82 million worth of debt and then giving the manager a transfer budget to be competitive who is going to do that for a small town club that can''t even fill its ground? They should enjoy their time in the championship because those days will soon be long gone. Their only hope is to find a Paul Lambert character but even then you still need a little bit of money, 500,000 on a player would be a big lay out for them. They are done for decades and decades. Would they mourn for us in the same position? Nope.
  4. I saw him play for Arsenal Reserves when they came to Norwich a couple of years ago. I remember thinking he was decent, very comfortable on the ball, very tall but not an excellent header, likes to make things happen from the back, he stood out as one of the better players that night.
  5. Why the witch hunt every time Norwich win a game? "anti-club malcontents" yes, those pesky anti-club football club supporters.
  6. Really pleased about the result, it doesn''t mean that I don''t have some reservations about Neil Adams and it doesn''t mean that after 2 wins, he''s Dave Stringer #2 but I don''t think you should batter people for wanting to discuss decisions taking place at the football club, that''s what a forum is about. I''m not going to come on here moaning every time we get beat but it does bother me that we get told X isn''t going to be sold and then the club seems to let them go. We''ve had some good fortune in our home games but it looks like the confidence and togetherness is there and that''s a big part of the battle, long may it continue.
  7. [quote user="Dubai Mark"]not yet on the scale of the Hoooghton Outers but not bad considering its[/quote] Yeah, they were so delusional...
  8. Yeah, I''ve got it now Barclay... Anyone who disagrees with Buh is a slack jawed yokel pig farmer who swills on pig feed. If we win tonight, there will no doubt be a post gloating about how quiet the message boards are, as if people really do want to see Norwich lose.
  9. Which is it it the "glad to be proven wrong camp" or the loser camp? Which camp are you in? How many of these camps can a person be in at one time?
  10. Whether there is disharmony at the club or not, it doesn''t do anyone any good to keep peddling lies to the fans. If they want to keep their cards close to their chests then they should do so but they shouldn''t keep bullshitting people. I don''t believe any of this bollocks about Bassong or Bechio either, they are well out of the manager''s plans.
  11. [quote user="Buh"]I honestly don''t care what you think of me I know I''m right.[/quote] Says it all really.
  12. I hope the moderators are looking at these posts, you''re just being discriminatory now.
  13. Buh - I can''t look into the future, it''s amazing to me that you don''t get your posts removed when all you seem to do is resort to insults instead of making any kind of argument against what anyone says. I still stand by what I''ve said; With regard to Olsson IMO his foul on the halfway line stopped a counter attack that we were hopelessly exposed for and the second one looked ominous too. Even if you think those cards were justified, I think you should back your players 100%. NA may have done that now but like I say I can''t look into the future. 2. Pilkington didn''t do well under Hughton but there was a new chance for him under Adams, it still doesn''t make sense to sell him to our rivals and for that fee aswell. I appreciate that DM has a big role in transfers but this would have gone through NA too. 3. He shouldn''t have told people he wanted RVW to stay if he was going to sell him anyway, if the club wanted him to stay they didn''t try very hard. I don''t see what we gain by being lied to about this. 4. I agree the window still has time to go, but I would''ve thought that if Bassong isn''t going to play for us again we would''ve made getting a CB a priority, I know things are kept under wraps a lot of the time but where are the transfer bids? Why is it so quiet? Maybe that''s not Adam''s fault but it was different under other managers. 5. Think most people agree with this one. The radio commentator comment is a bit cheap I''ll admit but for me that was what he wanted to do when he finished playing, I appreciate he did well with the youth team but if he wanted to be our manager he should have gone down to the lower leagues and worked his way up, this is a position for experienced, successful managers.
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