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  1. Mook, Thank you for the ''science'' bit. Sometimes this Board is really informative; and this is great for those of us who have a great passion for but little technical understanding of the game.
  2. Yes, there will be a number of changes; as there will be for Gillingham who are also struggling with injuries, including their top scorer, I believe. Our advantage is that, because of our good form, some of our squad players have not had a good run out because they haven''t been able to win the shirt. This should mean that they are really up for it tonight. And I agree that Lambert will want a win for the travelling supporters. He''s said this consistently since he''s been with us.
  3. No,it''s not just you, but a winning streak builds confidence, and a good result tonight, will keep that going.
  4. I don''t see why Grant should be reviled. He''s a good coach, but resigned when he realised he was not cutting it as manager; by that action showing his loyalty to Norwich.
  5. I am actually having difficulty whittling them down to 5; how great is that! Drury Holt Smith Hoolahan Russell
  6. Nutty Nigel. At last some commonsense and balance applied to Doc as a player and captain. I agree with this 100%; best post I''ve read for ages.
  7. Don''t tend to hold a grudge, but I thought Mooney started great but tailed off when on loan with us, and was pretty invisible when most needed at Charlton. Of course, if he were a contracted player it might be different, but I''m more than happy with our current strikers. Tabb: better prospect by far, but that suggestes he''ll stay in Chumpionship.
  8. I agree with Smudger that we need reinforcements, and Lambert is saying so consistently. I suspect we will see something happening the week after next when we get to 92 before the next window. Then I reckon we''ll get some emergency loans in for the full 3 months. Nothing worse than loans running out in the run up to Xmas. My hope is that they will be loans that we have some chance of making permanent in the January window. I would have hesitated to say this under previous managers, but I think Lambert (and McNally) have a plan.
  9. I agree Lambo. Drury has been a solid player for us in three divisions, and has remained loyal. But he is quiet, gets on with the job and has no inflated ego, so tends not to get applause or boos.
  10. Wiggins is on the bench for the Posh game. With Drury still fragile, this could be a timely return to fitness.
  11. Whatever happens now; the fact that when Roeder got rid of him, he could have gone to another Championship club. That he remained committed to Norwich and refused to play against us is a testament to his incredible loyalty, which is virtually extinct in the modern game.
  12. Derby had a player called George Bakewell, but a long long time ago. Played on the wing.
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