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  1. http://www.vipbox.tv/watch/26612/1/norwich-vs-burnley-live-stream-online.html
  2. I''ll certainly be going. We''ve waited so long to actually play in the Premier League it''s foolish not to. It''s expensive, but that''s because it''s one of the top Leagues in the world, and Chelsea are one of the top teams in the world! Money well spent in my book. Especially if we somehow manage a win.....
  3. Banner Cross at the top of Eccy Road is always good. Not too full and three screens.
  4. It''s never too early for Fantasy Football! Unlimited transfers anyway from now til start of the season so I''ll probably end up completely changing the team another 10 times yet.
  5. I''m heading over from Sheffield this year again. Was pay on the door last time, most away games are, I am however buying tickets from the City Box Office and getting them posted to me at home first this time..... although I guess that doesn''t help you out too much!
  6. I would have thought with it being just a week and a bit before the start of the season that we should be putting out pretty much the starting line-up for the Watford game. Definitely looking forward to seeing some of the new signings in action.
  7. HelloLong time member here, more of a watcher than a poster though. I was a season ticket holder between 1990 and 1995 before moving up to Sheffield, I make the trip down to Carrow Road for the odd home game each season, and do all the away games within 90mins drive or so from here..... anyway, my question is what to expect from pre-season away games?? Lincoln on July 28th will be first ever pre-season game as City never seem to play any close enough to me normally. Lincoln only being 1hr 20mins drive from me I thought I''d give this one a go though. Will there be many in attendance with it being a Weds night?? Will any one from this board attend??ThanksGeoff
  8. Agree. We do NOT need Leon Clarke. Not consistent at all, tries hard but no real skill.
  9. Sent a message of complaint. Unbelievable that they can pick 3 out of the 4 from Leeds!
  10. [quote user="First Wizard"] Oh wise up ffs, Hooligan, not content with beating a player once, then goes back and tries to beat him another 4 times......thus loosing the ball in the process, look at the results without him! Lambo''s building a TEAM, not single starlets. Case closed. [/quote]Absolutely spot on regards Hoolahan, we won''t miss him at all.... As for the Doc, praise the lord! So glad to finally see the back of him.
  11. I''m going....  Can''t actually remember the last time I saw City win away from home though, but it''s only a relatively short drive from Sheffield so needs to be done. We need all the support we can get at the moment!
  12. [quote user="ellis206"]The first half was the worst I''ve seen Norwich play in ages, we looked good for about 7 minutes then just fell to pieces, Hoolahan was at fault for the first goal as he couldn''t be bothered to go and retrieve the ball before it ran out for a throw in (and he could have EASILY have gotten to it) and from the resulting throw in they scored, and half time couldn''t come quick enough! But the second half was a different story all together, we had them on the back foot for most of the half (maybe Derby were just sitting on there 2 goal lead) and once Kennedy scored I really thought we''d get something out of the game, and if Lita had scored that one on one I''m certain we would have gone on to win it, Derby were rattled and we were attacking with quality and playing some good football, Derby got their third goal against run of play and that sealed the game, our heads went down and we just waited for the full time whistle. David Bell really really impressed me tonight, he looked composed on the ball and is the best crosser of the ball I''ve seen in a Norwich shirt in ages and hopefully he gets a start at Burnley as he deserves it. [/quote] I agree with this post totally.... I’m glad somone else spotted Hoolahan not being bothered to chase down a ball that HE lost control of in the first place. He could have quite easily caught it before it went out for the throw. The fact that they then went on to score from said throw makes it ten times worse! In fact Wesley looked very poor last night from the start, and the double substitution made all the difference at half time. Pattison looked good on the whole (apart from a couple of silly errors that nearly lead to yet more Derby goals) and Bell looked VERY good indeed, and should start the next game in my opinion. This was the first game I’d been to this season (I live in Sheffield and was on my hols for the Barnsley game) and I must say we did look rather poor! Apart from the first 10mins, we really made Derby look way better than they were. The defence looked very shaky, with Omuzuzi looking particularly weak. Kennedy was a big positive for me though, and he looked very solid and won pretty much everything in the air. One thing that really bothered me about the whole back four was that waaaay too many times the ball was just hoofed up field without a look up to see if it was even going towards a Yellow shirt! Forest at the City Ground followed by Wednesday at Hillsborough for me next. Two games we NEVER seem to get anything from! Good times.  
  13. About time I stopped lurking and posted on this forum.....I''m in too.
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