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  1. [quote user="Kathy"] ncfc star. Do you know what i have been doing today? Apart from an hour or two of women''s stuff - you know- cleaning, cooking, washing, ironing etc, I have been opening, sorting, printing and collating members questionnaires about the state of the football club. That''d be the questionnaire that I managed to put together in my lunch hour of my nine to five, Mon - Fri job. And that''d be the questionnaire that our secretary Clare spent all weekend putting into envelopes, putting stamps on and posting, and the same one she emailed out to our members. And when I''ve done that I am going to count all the little ticked boxes, do some basic stats and produce a report for NCISA,  the football club and maybe even the message board if I can be bothered to after reading some of the drivel put on there. God I havent even looked at the Canary Challenge today. Shit its Xmas Thursday and I havent started.......................   What have you been up to Ncfcstar? [/quote] And after that, you''ll remember just how unimportant doing all that is?
  2. Apparently, it''s not them!  (See post below for details)
  3. [quote]We are currently investigating this with the highest priority. We’ve completed a full anti virus scan across all web servers, and there are no infected files on the servers. Further to this, we are in...[/quote] Did it to me too.  It suggests to me that it''s your problem. Sorry and all that!
  4. Before anyone mentions him again, HE''S INJURED.  Broken toe.  Out until the end of February. There.  No more speculation on this one, PLEASE.
  5. [quote]Scott Parker looks to be on his way out of Stamford Bridge after Chelsea snapped up midfielder Jiri Jarosik How about a loan till the end of the season (his foot should be better soon) Ok so maybe i...[/quote] Shame he''s injured!
  6. Great player.  Great touch, eye for goal.  Not going to get goals by beating players or by using his pace but class finisher.
  7. As always, an accurate predication of the future.
  8. Or even..... Efan Ekoku Efan Ekoku Efan Ekoku Efan Ekoku Efan Ekoku Efan Ekoku
  9. Haven''t ever heard such nonsense in a long while. Quality strikers cost quality money and want quality wages and long contracts. Say the worst happens. Quality striker screws quality club turning it into quality waste ground. So you go off and moan about it. I tell you what, organise a protest at the lack of ambition of the board for before Villa. In fact, i''ll start it for you. Protest at 1pm outside the City Stand. See how many turn up. You can see the chanting throng now "Delia Out." All 2 of them.
  10. Follow follow follow, we follow the boys in yellow, when the scum are at Crewe, we''ll be playing FULHAM, it''s off to into Europe we goooooo. is more accurate....
  11. Pape Diop definitely doesn''t count. It''s an extremely common name in Senegal. Not one of the Senegal squad with that name was the Pape Diop who played at Norwich.
  12. No. He''s very similar to Shrek tho.
  13. Apart from 2nd in the league and FA Cup runners up....
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