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  1. Hmmm. There''s this ex Man Utd player, talented ball player, eye for a pass, great with dead balls who''s coming up on a free. His name is Phil.
  2. Strachan. He is big enough to admit when he''s made mistakes, but passionate enough to get the team raring to go. He is clever enough to counter opposition''s strengths. Look at what he did with Saints in a short time, and look where they are now. He''s studied the game (and other sports) all around the world, understands injuries, recovery, optimal training techniques and tactics. There will be no more "I can''t ask anymore of the players" CR@P. What about passing the ball TO EACH OTHER Nigel? He''s hilarious. Only downside is that Man City have probably noticed these strengths too.
  3. There''s a reason that Hucks is only effective when put out on the left during a game, rather than at the beginning of the game, Saint. Because the opposition can get their tactics right from the first whistle and get one or two men to mark him out of the game. But when we switch halfway through a half, the other team loses him completely and it let''s him run riot. This to me says that he should always be started up front, then move out wide if the going gets tough. He is still a striker though.
  4. And I''m in the pesso-realist camp.I believe we can beat Blackburn.I just don''t believe that we will.
  5. I for one certainly do not want "plastic, sanitised, no smiling please, type of commentary". I just want to actually know what''s happening. In the game I''m listening to. WITHOUT having to listen to the crowd to work out who has scored.
  6. "oOOOH. Assss gone in." What did Roy? "Welllllll. He really hit that, my g''ness" Who hit it Roy? Who Scored? "Can you believe ut. One nil." To WHO ROY?????? TELL ME WHAT''S HAPPENING!!! The man is useless...
  7. Someone in the know has finally noticed that he isn''t good enough to play out of position in the premiership.
  8. I would of course Like Nigel to stay, but the coaching team to be fired. Our "basics" (movement off the ball, passing, set pieces and defensive positioning) are disgraceful.
  9. Reactive is exactly the word, not proactive. People seem to be impressed when he gets back and makes a(nother) last ditch tackle. What I always think is why is he always making last ditch tackles and not reading the game and stepping in earlier to avoid the last ditch stuff - in my eyes that''s the work of a truly good defender. Still, he''s a fans favourite and will make an excellent squad player - give him a deal now, just don''t make him automatic choice for a start.
  10. No, you''re thinking of me, Zip and Stevenage. I do appreciate him and his play - I just think we could do a lot better.
  11. Eddie is playing at the very top of his game, something the rest of our team cannot say. However, he is only just getting by in this league and can look out of his depth - if that''s when he''s at the top of his game, then what will happen if his form drops! I totally agree he deserves a new contract but, if Helveg''s face don''t fit, in the summer we need to find a cracking right back that Eddy can really compete with and back up.
  12. I think he''s going to play on the left tonight, Zema. I''m pretty sure Owen will play central, but they will probably swap around. Even so, I think I would find it hard to drop SWP, Owen or Rooney for our Hucks.
  13. As wonderful as Hucks is, I think I''ll stick with that young kid ... what''s his name now?Oh yeah, Wayne Rooney.
  14. It''s like this Splendid Rush... Everyone on this board may have condemned the throwers, but they then quickly interject "but Richardson deserved it" and "if you stand in front of the crowd and gesture, what do you expect?". Well, I expect the crowd not to throw coins. And I also expect my fellow Norwich fans not to think that there is any excuse for throwing stuff, whatever the prat did to celebrate. Sorry if that seems unfair.
  15. Well, whatever Mr Carrow, whatever. As for Richardson being a childish tw@t, well so he is. But it''s such caveman mentality to have to throw something at him because he''s taunting you. Sticks and stone and all that. If we had played away and their fans had thrown anything, there would be blind "outrage" from all corners of this message board. Which just goes to show we can all be sanctimonious when the boot is on the other foot, but can we recognise thugerry and idiocy if it happens at Carrow?
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