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  1. canary in north west surrey

    Trouble after the game?

    After their disgusting behavior after the Boro Game SUFC should have made sure of a robust police presence.
  2. canary in north west surrey


    Whats also needed is a New Chairman (one with a proven track record) that will give the job his full attention,not prance around on a celebrity show and a New Chief Executive also with a proven track record.
  3. canary in north west surrey

    Sheer and Utter Frustration

    As a football club we are becoming a joke. Rather than go for a quality MD with a proven track record we go for a clapped out politician who makes a prat of himself on Celebrity Come Dancing,we continue with a manager who is probably doing his best but is clearly out of his depth.

    I recently met someone who is a friend of Bowkett he said Bowkett (a businessman with a proven track record) who left because he felt he didn''t get the backing of the board.

    Cast your mind''s back to the era of Grant Holt and the management skills of Lambert when we had a never say die attitude that won us games.

    A different team to the one witnessed yesterday.
  4. canary in north west surrey


    Just heard on the news Garcia who conducted the enquiry has said FIFA have totally misrepresented his findings . This farse goes from bad to worse. As I said FIFA ARE ROTTEN TO THE CORE.
  5. canary in north west surrey


    Anybody got any faith in this organisation and it''s leader. From what I can see this organisation is ROTTEN TO THE CORE. This enquiry was a total whitewash. It wouldn''t bother me if we pulled away altogether from Blatter and Co. If other countries followed suit it might make this organisation get its house in order.
  6. canary in north west surrey


    Part of the problem is the apologists who say look at all the good things that FIFA do. In a way this disguises its rotten core.
  7. canary in north west surrey


    Very seriously damaging article in this mornings Sunday Times .There seems to be a rotten core in FIFA. Which will damage Football in general. Any thoughts?
  8. canary in north west surrey

    Wore my Norwich Top Skiing in Lake Tahoe yesterday :)

    Reminds me of happy times , had our honeymoon in Squaw Valley near Lake Tahoe . A beaufiful part of the US.
  9. canary in north west surrey


    As someone who worked for Pan Am at the time of Lockerbie it''s a time I won''t forget .

  10. canary in north west surrey

    Hughton or Lambert

    Hughton ,really was a great fan of Lambert ,didn''t like the way he went about leaving us . Also his comment about being able to come back and raid our playing staff shows the contempt he holds for both the club and fans alike .




  11. canary in north west surrey

    what is the second result you look for.

    Elche ,Spanish Div2 A , spent 6 years living nearby and had a season ticket for the last three years , also my wife''s family team Barca .

    But for me Norwich is the most important result I look for .


  12. canary in north west surrey

    which pub in Fulham

    My favourite pub in the area is The Half Moon, Putney, Great live music venue in the evening.Haven''t been there during the day though
  13. canary in north west surrey

    which pub in Fulham

    [quote user="Bungay Canary"]we will be heading for the crabtree  great pub on the river  shame its not the boat race this weekend.For those who dont know its about a half a mile west of craven cottage just follow the river[/quote]
  14. canary in north west surrey

    Lawro's Sunderland prediction....

    Just a thought, Kurt Angle wrestles for TNA in the States along with a certain Nick Aldiss,who comes from Docking nr Kings Lynn, perhaps that''s how he knows about Norwich.
  15. canary in north west surrey

    Mark Lawrenson, you arse.

    Craig Bellamy wasn''t very fond of Lawrenson either , said he was his least favourite pundit and his comments often wound him up .