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  1. Yes Jas ...the first sensible reply ! PM me your mobile I will text you and let you know whats going on
  2. on the contrary ...I watch hime every home game and a number of away games do just that .... take off your blinkers on saturday .... count the number of times he ACTUALLY completes a pass ...I think you will be ashamed of your rantings on here this evening . I will do the same , if I am proved wrong , I will happily eat humble pie on saturday evening . In addition , his best season in my opinion was in League one . I will say again , we all have an opinion , we are all entitled to our own opinion , we have made each other aware of how we individually see Hoolahan ( Right this time ? ) But just try what i suggest on saturday ,
  3. Like I said ,, we all see a different game a different opinion of a game or a player . What did we do after hoolihan left the pitch ??? We stopped running around in circles ,,and into a bunch of 3 arsenal players when we should have passed the ball . I don''t understand the way you believe him to be our star player , he works harder in defense this year ,,, i dont see any other positive change from 3 years ago .
  4. ok , fair enough if you were told that , but makes very little sense to me , I give my seat away , or it stayempty the club makes nothing extra , if they were to encourage me to go the buy back route witha better price ...they resell and make more profit .......seems a no brainer to me
  5. [quote user="smooth"]As with all the squads they don''t have to be announced till January do they? Do I think Hoolahoops would be considered? yes I think he will be considered. Injuries can still come to those who have been in the squad during the qualifying stages. Do I think he is doing enough now to feel unjustly out of the squad? No I don''t think he is doing enough, last season he was in and out of our squad as we had Lansbury and Pacheco come in at different points. This season he has played in our five man midfield and I don''t think he has done enough to show off his talent. But like I said it will be like the england team, injuries will occur and therefore new players will be brought in. If Hoolahan steps up his game he could be in contention but I don''t think his current form warrants an automatic place. But he certainly would be considered and if he impresses between now and jan. he could be in the squad. But he needs to start performing in his club shirt this coming saturday to even be considered for our first team. I certainly feel he is falling short at the current time.[/quote] I believe that to be a fair assessment of the situation
  6. i am not sure that is the reasoning personally , dont forget they already have my money for the year, the seats are sold and gone as far as the club is concerned , but only offer me 10 quid discount on next years season ticket if i give it up for buy back , the same as in League one , surely if they offered a better buy back price it would free up a few more seats ?
  7. Actually I am serious . I know how many fans revere Hoolihan , I am not one of them . I see a player who without doubt has enormous talent , but unfortunately rarely links this to intelligent use of either the ball or his own skill . I know this is a controversial opinion , but we all see the game in a different way .
  8. Or ..........he just not good enough ? Trappatoni watches him run in circles .. then lose the ball endlessly... and does not want him is probably closer to the truth .
  9. I have a spare ticket for most home games , the seat is adult in the lower barclay , so why do the club offer the same buy back as when we were league one ? Surely its more valuable in the premier ?
  10. I totally agree with the OP ''s original remarks I think too many city fans are blinkered where hoolihan is concerned , he is the same as others in the squad ... he has off days , good days .. and effectivly makes us a 10 man team when he plays like he did yesterday ..... I don''t think its harsh to drop him,, others including chris martin deserve a chance now
  11. typical post of dsomeone who does not watch the game .......have you been to a match .....CM lazy ? I think you should watch again chap !
  12. [quote user="morty"]I agree with you big nose. A lot of people see Spillane through yellow and green tinted glasses. If Spillane was the exciting prospect that some people make him out to be he would have featured more last season.I think he has to prove himself pretty soon or he''ll be out.[/quote] He was a fixture until he tore the hamstring ....I really do wonder if any of you lot ver manage to get to a game ? He is miles better than russell martin.
  13. Nr4 ..............could not support another club, but have interest in southend because of family, and Arsenal , because they never win anything :)
  14. I dont mind women at football ...................but over opinionated attention seeker types are really starting to  become annoying
  15. [quote user="paul moy"]Chris Martin is lucky that he is surrounded by talented teammates that are providing him with so many goalscoring chances.  He needs to work harder and be much braver, especially in the air, if he wants to be top-class and really should have taken more of the chances that he has had so far this season. Not worth more than a million at the moment as he has yet to prove himself at a higher level, which I think he will.  [/quote] I cannot believe you armchair supporters who say Chris Martin is not  brave or a hard worker !!!!!!!!!!! He is often one of our hardest working,,, and unsung heroes. He has scored 16 this season !!!!!!!!!! But you criticise him ?????????? You ought to get yourself to a game mate ....then you might have a different opinion.
  16. We were losing to Ipswich .................2-1.........................he chipped the keeper with the outside of his boot  to equalise ?
  17. [quote user="Jim Smith"][quote user="NCFC_Shaun"] [quote user="Kathy"]I was successful and didnt tick the box.[/quote]   There you have it then, it makes no difference. Just the luck of the draw. [/quote]   I''d like to believe you but i don''t feel these "ballots" are as random as they might be. Certainly the recipients of the tickets for Portman Road in recent years have tended to be a certain type of fan that might be considered "lower risk" or more likely to travel Club Cabbage! [/quote] I actually totally agree with this Jim.....it would seem less than random,,,,,,,,,,,,,once agin I did not get a ticket. I worked out the chance isabout 50/50.so by the law of averages i should have got something by now !!
  18. [quote user="pete_norw"] [quote user="Lambert is King"]We should show our appreciation for McNally as well. Quite clearly he has a lot to do with this and has probably saved our club[/quote] Super super Paul, super paul super paul Lambert, I''ll start it in the Barclay, followed by there''s only one Mcnally Ok pick the flys out of the spelling see if I care [/quote] Totally agree with this ......................extraordinary support for the extraordinary act of loyalty
  19. I know its a stupid thing to ask ...but I want to go !!!!!!!!! I have not got my tickets through  the lottery......a real pain after years of being a season ticket holder ...but there it is, same hppened for Ipswich away last year , first derby game i missed for 5 years !   So in desperation !!!!!!!!!!! I need at least 2 tickets for Col  U............   Pm me if there is anyone ...please ....thankyou !!
  20. [quote user="Norwich"]Broken metatarsal out for 6 weeks :([/quote] Please read the article again !!! Its the same injury...out for 3 weeks so far....could be another 3   = 6  ....................DOH!
  21. GUNN ! ! !  No arguments from you apologists .....................just look at his record !!  Quite clearly the worst we have ever had in charge ......clueless...rabbit in headlamps ...whatever you like to call it..................................he had absolutely no idea . don''t even get me started on "legend"
  22. [quote user="Rupethebear"]Blimey the Man U fans had 3 sections of the Barclay and invaded the Norwich section before kick off. Frightening, the bloke who fell through the roof got knocked of his strectcher by angry Norwich fans...[/quote] The Man Ure fans kicked all the asbestos sheeting from the back of the barclay and were hurling it at us at the bottom of the barclay grass slope like giant killer frisbees ! That was the first time I experienced that level of football violence...........worse than Millwall
  23. [quote user="ManchesterCanary"]Its very true, I was involved (no screaming liberals please, it was a lifetime ago and sadly part of the culture then). The Millwall fans lured us to the furniture van near the old gas tank on riverside and sure enough the shotgun appeared. I have never seen people move so fast! Also the fight at half time on the bank and by the bar outside the barclay is the worst I have ever seen, literally hundreds were involved. It was mayhem but the the Millwall fan got a lot more than they bargained for. Anyone else remember it?[/quote] Aha !! so i did remember it right !
  24. [quote user="jim blair"]Blimey , i thought you were talking about the battle of riverside road in 1972[/quote] I remember that one ! I was only a youngster .....but was swept along with the fight ........furniture van full of Milllwall supporters , someone stabbed with a pair of shears, Leon Blackburn....(.who until fairly recently ran event guard, and was head of stadium security ...maybe ?) was one of the Norwich fans that day.
  25. [quote user="gcb...norwich"]Ok so you are disputing where I sit!!?? How sad and pathetic! Grow up[/quote] So where do you sit ?
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