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  1. Totally agree with the OP...anyone who says they are not worried by that display today is deleuded ...we looked shocking .... and that is not ok just because its a friendly .. its for real next week , and it does not look like the manager has much idea about how to tackle the season with the players at his disposal, and he doesn''t seem able to  get the couple of extra players we desperately need , I feel very worried . 
  2. [quote user="Gingerpele"]We finished 12th last season. And have only lost Whitbread, Naughton & Wilbraham, now Ayala on loan. We replaced the first two with Turner & Whittaker (two experienced defenders) and have signed Snodgrass and Butterfield. The right players aren''t available. Hughton may have had a whole wealth of targets in mind, who are either not being allowed to leave by their clubs, are happy where they are, or have gone else where for what ever reason. Hughton is simply happy with the majority of the squad, and only ever planned on filling in the gaps with a few players when the right man is available. Were not a rich club, even if McNally said Hughton could spend £20 million on transfer fees this season, doesn''t mean he will want to spend it all now. He''s a new manager who will have been very impressed with what happened here last season. Why does he need to go and spend a load of money? We might not all be too exited with the signings, but Hughton might be, and until he fails (which I don''t expect him to do) can''t we give him the same respect we gave Lambert? Very few questioned him, in fact i''''d go as far as saying so far we''ve had more doubts on here about Hughton, the players he''s buying, his friendlies, his whatever than we ever had over Lambert. The ''lack'' of spending, doesn''t have to be a bad thing. I''m personally quite glad Hughton hasn''t gone and bought whoever he could get his hands on. We don''t have huge financial clout, and I would expect a few targets haven''t been able to join because of that, so Hughton is just keeping his eyes open for potential new recruits while moulding the current, successful squad he has at his disposal into the team he wants to see out on the pitch.[/quote] Drury ..we also lost Drury
  3. After the Equestrian  dressage this morning .... interview with a horsey woman ......camera went down to a Camels Toe !! :)
  4. Watching  ladies football now.............where apparently " they are used to playing with each other " !
  5. Hang on ! I will just ask my GF if she minds me watching :))
  6. Watching this game on tv now........I know its a pre season friendly ...but really ...both teams look Sh*t. To add to te look of a league 2 game , about 2000 spectators watching ..with the odd bit of shouting from the terraces ! If I was a Southampton fan I would be embarrassed watching this rubbish...Billy Sharpe just came on for Saints ..and he looks their best player ! We have to appreciate how lucky we are at  Norwich.
  7. Why do Archant claim in this morning''s story 9.14am that Norwich City have yet to confirm that Michael Turner has signed for City ? Last night at  6pm they stated that  NCFC confirmed the signing ! is this Archant wrong last  night or this morning  ??
  8. [quote user="PurpleCanary"]My avatar means I''m so technologically incompetent I can''t upload avatars...[/quote]   What  he said !
  9. [quote user="Joanna Grey"] Groundhog Day... change the record... more repetitive than the BBC.. we get the picture, etc, etc. [/quote] This is a discussion board....... the OP has a point, nothing has changed and nothing has been done to address the problem  .... discuss please, don''t just  criticise without explanation. Thank you
  10. [quote user="Boris"]is hard to decide best  11 but team from secund half was better no doubt may be because hertha stay with same 11 almost or because VaUGHAN was much more confident and sharp than Jacko in attack. WHittaker look very good with skill for full back nice attacks down the flank one of them martin need inches to make goal etc. Holt look ok too won many balls but first half we do not much in attack really. Russ Martin play first half Whittaker secund half both played right backs. Tierney was ok too seems np with this bad inj. but is only warm up frendly after heavye trainings so nothing to read i belive from this game simply hertha was more fresh and more quick who is normall after already played 5 games...[/quote] FUNNY that you keep insisting that tierney was playing ???
  11. [quote user="Dubai Mark"] I like these types of thread, just a bit of fun and gets you thinking a bit. Excluding caretakers..... 1. Bryan Gunn  (despite being an absolute legend as a player and a great servant to the club in his other roles) - Took us down and didnt have a clue, unfortunately wins the Worst Norwich Manager comfortably, which is very sad. 2. Peter Grant - started the rot, made horrendous signings and exhausted the kitty making it almost impossible for anyone to succeed him - clueless! 3. Bryan Hamilton -I can actually remember a few very decent performances during his tenure,but guess that was luck rather than judgment, really did sign some dross -a clown who must have been an inplant from Poorman Road! 4. Gary Megson - Made a hash of a great opportunity, was out of his depth at the time, but has actually proved himself since in my view 5. Glen Roeder - was dealt a poor hand all round, particularly with having to adopt the ridiculous loan policy due to PG''s extravagence in the transfer market,and the loss of his right hand man was a major blow.... but, despite this I expected more from him and he let us down mainly by being arrogant and the way he handled Hucks which turned our over sensitive fans against him.       [/quote]   I have just read three different posts by you "Dubai Mark" ...I  am convinced you have no idea about NCFC..it was your analysis of Rodent that finally confirmed it .
  12. [quote user="City1st"] Good luck with that   I tried to donate an old signed Gary Glitter album to my local primary schools fund raising car boot sale but he organiser said it would not be of much interest or value         it needed to be signed by Mr Glitter himself not by me, apparently   Ha Ha ! :)  that is the funniest thing I have heard today .....................do you think I need to get out  more ??     [/quote]
  13. [quote user="mrdi"]So do tell, barclay seats 48/49. Why the binner accusation? I''ve been called a lot of things in my time but never that. I have to admit, it''s kind of ruined my afternoon. Speak to me.[/quote] Favourite games again ?
  14. [quote user="mrdi"]So sorry to hear that Row D Seat 7. That''s truely abhorrent conduct on McNally''s part. I''d suggest emailing the club. Preferably the board. Cc Joe Ferrari. And the EDP. And possibly your local MP. Maybe take it to the nationals. Or ring Talksport. I would tell you to get a PR Rep involved, see if you can sell your story. Only problem is it''s online now, so it''s not really going to be much of a ''scoop''. I''m livid about this. Not just your treatment but the realisation we PAID for our new manager. Outrageous. Surely we should have gone for a free agent.. Paul Ince? Paul Peschisolido? Roy Keane? Nigel Worthington? If I had a season ticket, I''d rip it up and throw it in McNally''s face for this. I tweeted to one of my mates the other day and he replied eventually. Why not McNally? Again, my sincerest and deepest sympathies. Hope you''ll get over this trauma. My thoughts and prayers are with you at this dark time.[/quote]   Obvious binner etc
  15. [quote user="stoke canary"]http://t.co/wFQIPgeG     When they can all do a width,they have got to get there jim jams and tie knotts in them and blow um up[/quote]   Ha Ha ! Exactly what I was thinking  :)
  16. Sounds like he ws repeating  to the word what Lambert used to  spurt out !   Yes Man !!! Endearing himself to Lambert ! He will be off at the first chance ! So What ? Average player in the mould of Mark Fotheringham IMO
  17. [quote user="Sooty57"]Jeez! I bet you believe the CIA orchestrated 911, and the moon landings were faked too.[/quote]   HaHa !!! YOU really  believe man has been to the moon ?? HaHa !!
  18. Nice to see that  me repeating some details of a telephone conversation has  brightened the lif eof so many  :) You have to admit it ...... it has given you all a purpose for a few hours !!
  19. [quote user="Eric Pickles Pie Supplier"] [quote user="Kolin Kob"]I for one will remain calm about this until the famed divulgee issues full foreclosure of Hoolahan''s articles of incorporation in unequivocal language. Before that I will remain unconvinced that Wesley''s inordinately liquid equity contradicts the imputed act imprese in regime forfetario. Where are the safety pins? [/quote]   Brilliant, Kolin. But I do think that you could have been more oblique and used more gobbledegook, if you''d tried....   The OP whines on about not being taken seriously, and at least one other poster has criticised the tendency for people to act incredulously when these sort of threads are started, but from my point of view at least, if people like Barclay 48 and his ilk want this sort of stuff to be treated with less scepticism, then, at the very least, he can firstly provide some sort of proof (names , locations, verifiable quotes , that sort of thing) . And, secondly, couch the posting in plain , straightforward language that we can all understand, without resorting to smoke and mirrors type innuendo.   There may be some truth in this story. Who knows ?  But , with the "nod''s as good as a wink " manner in which it''s been presented, then can the author be in any way surprised that a good number of posters are dubious about it ? [/quote] WHINE ? INCREDULOUS ? ILK ?   I don''t think any of these descriptions are accurate or correct ! I cannot  name names ,,for very obvious reasons , and if people want to ridicule the information , then that too is fine , I was just giving  a recount of a telephone conversation which took place yesterday afternoon , which had nothing to do with  NCFC in its context , until I was told  two things to clarify a point that was being discussed , 1) An offer has been made good enough  to make WH pull out of a deal , almost with pen in hand ( thats an analagy ) 2) The house belonging to GH is to go up for sale . Finally , no , I  am not suprised that regular posters on here treat my post in this manner ,, after all ,, I  am  not  one of the " In Crowd " , seems you have to post  obnoxious insults to others on  a regular basis to be included .. I really  dont have any interest in that .
  20. [quote user="Jim Smith"] I think thats a bit harsh. Don''t se why the OP would make it up. All I was saying was I didn''t understad why it was being expressed in such cryptic terms given the content and that I would not take the word of an estate agent as gospel, esepcially one who is trying to explain why a buyer has pulled out of a deal. [/quote] I am replying to you as it seems you are the only person prepared to treat the post with any respect . The person who told me this is a personal friend of many years , I  have no reason to doubt that what he told me was  genuine,  I also know ( fact ) that he has been privy to some pretty relevant detail in all that has gone on of late . someone questions that Holt would tell him the detail of his boardroom discussion , this in fact is quite correct , HE  did not , but another player , who I presume was told directly from the horses mouth , was the divulgee. For those who think I could be bothered to invent such a tale ......................lets just wait and see if my fiction coincidentally turns out to be close to the mark . Most of what he has told me before has been pretty  spot on .
  21. [quote user="Nuff Said"][quote user="Nexus_Canary"][quote user="Matt Juler"]I''ll wait for the translation [/quote] what Matt said ! [/quote] I''m guessing, but Hoolahan was going to buy a house but has now pulled out? [/quote]   If you read to the end , that was  not the only piece of information . I was told in unequivocal language , however , for the sake of a third party , and in case the situation was to change , I don''t feel like expanding any further ...........besides as the title suggests ......too many here in denial... they don''t want to hear it ..just take the piss ! Please yourseles on that .. I  for one believe what i was told .
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