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  1. Anyone know if his tweet is rite and he is coming on loan? No idea why on earth he would be though!!!!
  2. So this is just purely another rumour then.....sigh.....its a shame i just dont believe it  
  3. As this happens every window i had to do it..... Shola Ameobi spotted in Morrisons car park..............
  4. Personally i was worried about any spelling mistakes i may have made being jumped upon.
  5. Maybe because its people like you that put people off this sort of thing. I have seen so many people shot down in the past for having an opinion that isnt shared by alot of people.  
  6. I have been reading posts on here for a long time now but i have never felt the need to comment until now. Im seeing posts saying players like Chris Martin should be given a chance. He was never great in the championship and the jump to the prem is far to big. Everytime iv seen him come on as a sub he shows a distinct lack of effort. What would i rather have Chris Martin with his lack of effort and disgusting attitude or Jackson a player who runs his socks off may not take all his chances but someone you know will give everything, quite an easy answer i think? In the past i have seen posts about getting whitbread back the bloke was hardly an amazing defender or am i missing something and there has been a mad rush for his signature. Grant holt - well here comes another rant at 31 years of age you should be grateful you are finally getting a crack at the prem. Does having a good first season in the prem mean hes is obliged to get a 3 year deal which will almost certainly take him to a time in his career where he wont be performing. So many strikers hit the ground running and then dont follow it up the next season. I hope im wrong but i think he is going to be a classic example. Paul Lambert - He did an amazing job there is no doubt about it. But for me he is following his ''Gaffer'' O''Neil slightly to close. He shows a distinct lack of commitment to all clubs he has been at. Norwich are a club that will never get in to the top 4 and if he believed he could get there with Norwich then he was deluded. As for the Hughton i think he is a great addition. He is a motivator and straight talker. People have already questioned his signings without seeing them in a Norwich shirt. Did Lambert get 100% of his signings rite? Certainly not...but who does...Sir Alex or Wenger?...nope. So if Hughton keeps Norwich in the Prem again then for me he has been a success.   Rant Over
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