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  1. I agree with the team selection, Fox has been very good so far, but last season Crofts was amazing and he deserves a chance in this great game. OTBC!
  2. Unlike Pilkington, he''s showed a certain lack of consistency in his debut in Premier. Probably he''ll improve, meantime I''d play Crofts.
  3. The thing that more delighted me is that even when Pool attacked like a storm with tha fantastic player that is Suarez, we never renounced to play, never were tempted to kick and rusk or long balls tactics but always tried and do an entertaining passing football, and we have been awarded for this positive attitude.
  4. Pilkington and Tierney for me, Pilkington plays like one that spent all his carreer in the Prmier League.
  5. Let''s hope that there will be another win for 1-0 like the last one, in 1993-94, with a goal from Jeremy Goss.
  6. All the team has played well but Morison has been outstanding in his role of lonely striker, great performance despite of the lack of goal.
  7. Yes it''s 2 or 3 years that the 4-4-2 seems out of fashion. I don''t agree with this point of view, though. If it''s played the way it has to be played, with two real wingers and two strikers, it''s a very attacking minded formation (maybe the more attacking minded after thew 4-3-3) that allows the 60% of the players to cover the 60% of the park. Back to 4-4-2 as far as I am concerned.
  8. There are many Illustrated Histories of English football clubs, big and small, but I never have found one about Norwich. In the beautiful collection of "When football was football" (http://www.amazon.co.uk/When-Football-Was-Nostalgic-Century/dp/1844256693), there are many issues dedicated to various clubs, but Norwich is not included. Does anyone of you guys know if does exist a recent and reliable Norwich book of history? Thanks in advance to everyone.
  9. It would be interesting to see where are located the canaries fans that live outside Norfolk. In Italy there is a small but passionate group of fans that try to come to Norwich at least once or twice every season. The club has always been fantastic with us making us to visit Carrow Road and to make the acquaintance of two Norwich legends like Brian Gunn and Jeremy Goss. We are very proud for this Italian connection that has begun courtesy of Errea and the win over Parma. Yellow and green greetings from Italy, then! [IMG]http://img41.imageshack.us/img41/1959/img8019u.jpg[/IMG] (as I have never understood how to post pics in this forum I''d ask the kind mods to sort it, thanks in advance).
  10. I would go with; Ruddy Naughton - De Laet - Barnett - Tierney Fox - Crofts - Bennett (Surman, B. Johnson) Hoolahan Holt - Morison
  11. I don''t like it the shade odf dark green and above all I don''t like the white collar and trimmings, that have nothing to do wuth the great, old Norwich tradition.
  12. Is it me or we don''t have any info about the training camp agenda? Where the team is, where the training sessions are held,etc. We only know the dates of two friendly games, whose two will be played between close doors. How could we program a trip to Germany if we don''t have any info?
  13. [quote user="Thisisbabyish"]Purely on performances from Gorleston I''d go: Ruddy Martin Barnett Whitbread De Laet Fox Crofts Johnson Hoolahan Jackson Holt Subs Rudd Ward Surman Vaughan Morisson Bennett Smith[/quote] I tend to agree. In the 4-3-1-2 formation, howewer, there is no room for a real winger like Pilkington. In my opinion, we''ll either play with a man in the hole (Wes) or on the wing (Plkington), and I''m not sure that we could afford to play without wingers.
  14. Hi mates, do you have an idea about the new squad? think that all the 6 new signigns will be in the starting XI? Which do you think will be our formation for the our 1st game in the PL?
  15. Generally speaking, Championship is the best second division championship in the world, it is so uncertain and the level of the teams is very high, I''m glad that the Italian TV usually transmits all the highlights and one live game every week.
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