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  1. Don''t normally bother watching but with the great man will definitely be tuning in.
  2. [quote user="gary "]so where exactly do I say that - spoke about Geordies and blue scousers , we weren'';t mentioned[/quote] No, we weren''t mentioned but I thought I would use your generalisation as a view in the same way that you did. Apologies that it went over your head.
  3. [quote user="gary "]Newcastle fans are arrogant and think they are the biggest club going and superior to all others - to see real arrogance and stupid fans , then the blue scousers are here Saturday , watch your wallets and tickets , they are not quite as bad as the red side , but they are pretty bad Expect trouble from them[/quote]   And based on your statement all Norwich fans are ignorant.
  4. [quote user="singing canary"]Well thought of here , really hope his team do it next time..[/quote] I''m not sure if Darrel Russell or Simon Lappin would agree with you there. Russell after we beat Huddersfield at home said that several of the players had special motivation to get one over them!
  5. I''d have thought the most obvious thing to do is to keep evening games but go and play games at Ridgeons league grounds in Norfolk and split gate receipts with the relevant club. This enables Norwich to attract young fans who may not be able to get to first team games and may stop some of them supporting the Premiership clubs. Saves money, gives benefit to local clubs and maybe attract new supporters. Also gives the opportunity to have the Ipswich game in midweek at the club.
  6. Linked with Ipswich today, and I think he would be a massive signing for them.
  7. If the cost is the issue, why don''t they play at Ridgeon league grounds and split proceeds with the club. It would be good all round and also forge closer links with the local communities.
  8. Just read the below article on Simon Jordan and Crystal Palace. Sounds very similar to the place we are in with too much power in the hands of players and at the very top of the game. Never had much time for Jordan but you can''t deny he wants what is best for his club which is very similar to our situation. http://www.guardian.co.uk/sport/blog/2008/oct/01/crystalpalace  
  9. You should take some more English lessons as you have corrected something that is already right. Who is Sean Tance anyway and do you think we should sign him in the summer?
  10. [quote]Sorry but this is another moan about Francis! How many more times is he going to let our great football club down? First of all were his non comitted performances last season. Then came this long,...[/quote] Non committed performances; he was our joint top scorer from central midfield last year. How many goals would he have to score to be committed. Throughout the first half of the season up to his injury he was one of Norwich''s best players. I admit his last half dozen games were not good but players do lose form throughout a season. Should he have to agree terms extra quickly to suit a previous employer (because they have an injury crisis -Safri out = crisis!?) or should he try and work out if the deal is good for him. Maybe he thinks living in Norwich and playing in the Championship, is better than playing in the Premiership for Wigan despite being offered more money. (Just a thought) If he comes back which is looking more on the cards I will be happy. He will realise that the only way of getting the move he wants is by playing well, and if he plays well for the first half of the season this should mean that we are near the top of the league and the position can be re-evaluated then. BTW Francis was not the reason we got relegated even though he seems to be the main focus of any abuse on this forum.
  11. Brighton ; 22 Burnley ; 7 Cardiff City ; 20 Coventry City ; 17 Crewe Alexandra ; 24 Crystal Palace ; 4 Derby County ; 10 Hull City ; 13 Ipswich Town ; 8 Leeds United ; 9 Leicester City ; 5 Luton Town ; 18 Millwall ; 19 NORWICH CITY ; 6 Plymouth Argyle ; 16 Preston NE ; 12 QPR ; 15 Reading ; 3 Sheffield United ; 2 Sheffield Wednesday ; 21 Southampton ; 11 Stoke City ; 23 Watford ; 14 Wolves ; 1
  12. On Radio Solent, Mandaric says that they enquired on how much Green would cost and he has been quoted £2.5m. For me this seems quite fair (same as Robinson) and would help ion rebuilding the midfield. What do you think?
  13. Most probably the same tactics any Newcastle fan would come up with after watching us play (substitute Ashton for Shearer), as well!
  14. I''d have thought Gary Johnson at Yeovil must be quite high on any list for any vacancy in the Championship.
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