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  1. [quote user="canarypie"]i would love him to be appointed manager and will definately take us up the league.[/quote] WHY NOT? WHY NOT? Did I know a caretaker manager who should bring a team who had 5 lost in 6 games to win? But to win 4-0? Also bring a player who did not score for us since March to scored his first goal of the season? It''s Bryan Gunn!!!
  2. [quote user="we are rubbish"] All we want from him is goals....yes what did he do today...he scored! why the hell can anyone moan! I don''t care what anyone says,jamie has had 10 starts this season and scored 3 goals.At that rate he would finish a full season with 12-14 goals.In a side battling relegation thats quite a good return.So get off his back and be pleased there''s someone out there who will sweat blood for norwich,unlike a certain italian who only seems interested in his own glory [/quote] Agree, spoke to Curo a few times and he was absolutely one hearted to Norwich City and deserved a chance to save us from relegation
  3. [quote user="Pongtorn "] Before it is too late, the best thing Delia could do is to sit and talk with GR for termination of his contract on mutual consent.  We must be ready when Bowen is available.  I think he is the best choice for us.  Your thoughts? [/quote] People always criticised assistant manager who had not been the main man for once, they have the point and you can clearly see what Peter Grant can do is signing reserve Celtic player; but Bowen certainly not in this way, he had worked a for a lots of clubs, 5 I think, also for the national team, and I would think he won''t have worser contract than Roeder, I would say, we can get some Wales or Blackburn promising players to the club. I would say if we can get a quality midfielder liked Tugay for one or two season, our midfield would be superb when consider we have whoelse, Fothingham!
  4. [quote user="Philipo87"] [quote user="Flinty"]i want one.... i didn''t know that they were on sale to be honest any left? [/quote] I think there are a few large ones on sale stil but dont quote me on that! Check out the canary store online! [/quote] I had one and I am now wearing in the office now!! :) Yeah I think they will be some shirt left...
  5. Very fresh for me honestly and actaully I bought one shirt from the clubshop, and want to put the same style of number of the player shirt have, Would the clubshop had it on sale?
  6. Adam Drury''s performance yesterday? Worth a regular first team place? I know he''s natural left back but his defending skill was possibly the best at the club, people said he can''t run with the ball and overlap well so in the central defence would be an ideal place to him?
  7. Well yesterday Stefanovic, Clingan, Hoolahan and Lita got the praise, but don''t forget Russell as he worked hard for the midfield and he had provide the platform. Important player for us and a real captain.
  8. [quote user="norfolkbroadslim"][quote user="XXL16"] Still, my trip to Norwich this year, the annual 5-a-side which should be host on October 19th at UEA, 1pm to 2pm. The player list: 1. XXL16 2. Aaron 3. Alan 4. conker 5. Dog 6. tim berry 7. Brom 8. songwriter81 9. Tony Martin 10. selwyn I hope we have 12 players at least and anyone who want to join can leave a message here or go to the pitch directly! See you there! :) [/quote] I recognise those names from WOTB. Shame we couldn''t get 11 pink un posters to play, then you could have 11 a-side WOTB vs Pink Un, now that is something I would like to see.[:D] [/quote]   HI mate, we are still lack of enough players, are you interested to come? :)   
  9. Still, my trip to Norwich this year, the annual 5-a-side which should be host on October 19th at UEA, 1pm to 2pm. The player list: 1. XXL16 2. Aaron 3. Alan 4. conker 5. Dog 6. tim berry 7. Brom 8. songwriter81 9. Tony Martin 10. selwyn I hope we have 12 players at least and anyone who want to join can leave a message here or go to the pitch directly! See you there! :)
  10. Nearly 11 months to start the first Norwich game and was pleased to see Adam Drury come back. Maybe it''s not the best crosser in the team but surely when Adam come back, Bertrand will have more license to go forward. Come on Adam, I won''t be your jinx this time and hope you can score a few goals in the coming fixture! :) David
  11. Maybe Crofty is not the best finisher at the club but he always gives 100% to the team, and well when I saw him play, he was very frustrated if he didn''t receive a pass or the team losing, play for his shirt surely!
  12. http://web.mlsnet.com/news/team_news.jsp?ymd=20080831&content_id=184470&vkey=news_sje&fext=.jsp&team=t110 He even score goal by his head! He was Norwich legend after Iwan Roberts.
  13. Wow, 1992/1993 season, it was the time I start to fall in love with Norwich City, even I am far away from Hong Kong! I am still in form 3 in the secondary school and all students must be subscribe the "South China Morning Post" which is an English language newspaper, which is rare in Hong Kong. I am about 15 years old and honestly my English is quite poor, I also keep a cage of lovebirds, also just start to fall in love with football at that time; for a youngster, you just want to find something you really like and love, I should say I don''t find a girlfriend at that time, but I get Norwich City Football Club! I remember most of the players at that time although none of them so called famous: Bryan Gunn, Mark Bowen, Rob Newman, Ian Crook, Ian Culverhouse, Ruel Fox, Gary Megson, Mark Robins, Chris Sutton, David Philips and Jeremy Goss. All of them are super legends for Norwich City Football Club. Thanks for the memory! :-)
  14. I think it''s fair for the manager to say, yes he scored a hat-trick but look at the last few games, the sitters he miss was just terrible...I think GR just do not want Curo to get carried away -- we are not save yet! Veteran manager always do that I think...;-)
  15. Yes, fully support to our no. 18 -- as I am wear his Norwich shirt now! :) Gibbs was a midfielder who can play left back or left wing, with a good skill on the ball, but I admit he need an experience player liked Fozzy or Rusty play alongside him, I would say the three man midfield would be fit him very well
  16. Game after game, week after week, Dion Dublin was the most consistent player for Norwich City this season. When he start for us, he score goals and give the opposite lots of problem; when he''s on the bench, we are struggling and after he come on as a sub, our game change and start to score and winning. He was one of the few players still maintain his highest standard even we are in poor league position. We know he''s 38 years old now and 39 next season, but as Teddy Sheringham and Dean Windass still going strong, why can''t Dion do that? Is it about on wages problem? Come on the Norwich board, SORT IT OUT! Also can we build up a campiagn start from West Brom home match at April 19th, making the banner to Dion about "One more year!" liked Dennis Bergkamp before?
  17. [quote user="norwich_crazy"] I''VE HEARD RUMOURS THAT WE COULD BE FOLLOWING POMPEY''S FOOTSTEPS AND GETTING OUR KIT AND TRAININGGEAR MADE BY CANTERBURY INSTEAD OF XARA.   [/quote] Please! Please! Please! Please let it happen! I love Canterbury!  
  18. You can ask any Championship defenders: will they write Hucks off when they play against him? I doubt nobody will say Yes because he was always a threaten. Just one bad game and will not cost the player from hero to zero. Don''t forget Hucks was not started in last few games, also Glenn had changed the system by not playing 4-4-2 as before, player had to adjust their playing style. All we know Hucks is a left winger/forward more than attacking midfielder, so yesterday he was quite and it was easily expected. I can''t say the manager played him out of position, but he can''t do anything in central of midfield. But give Hucks him, he will prove people wrong.
  19. My heart said he will come to Norwich in Jan but my head said....:(
  20. I would say creative is our big problem after Ian Crook left Norwich, but surely Glenn had injected the confidence and positive attitude, that the previous few manager cannot have; you can''t imagine we can have Hucks on the bench and no negative mood from him, Glenn did his job brilliantly. Good players need money to buy them, so it''s not the manager''s problem, it''s board.  
  21. About a year ago when Hucks give me a lift from Colney to Carrow Road clubshop, during the time I recall I asked him did he want to finish his career in Hong Kong? He said if he want more money then he will consider a move to Qatar, because that''s more money. I am quite sure Hucks should know the football in US was more phyiscal than Asia, also the money is not more than them. I would also think Hucks will want to get more attention when he play overseas, and play in a team which Beckham was already there, surely will not interested him, A rumor for sure.
  22. I think it''s not bad we have a quality left sided player now, with Hucks still with us too, because he said he may retired next season, and honestly we should find a replacement very soon too. I would say if Pattison played well and keep Hucks for some time, that''s good because you know Hucks would only fight for his place (he won''t leave we know!) and when he wear a Norwich shirt, we can expect more from him!!!
  23. Our international player must go, so I doubt Marshall will stay, also Dion and Hucks retires, but I think others will stay.  
  24. Hi everyone! 5-a-side pictures can be find from page 2 to page 6, hope all of you enjoy it!!! :) http://s236.photobucket.com/albums/ff38/xxl16ncfctrip2007/ XXL16
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