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  1. [quote user="camuldonum"]you need to hope that your ref on Sunday is wise to it if he plays.[/quote]As an aside... our ref for Sunday isn''t a high-profile Prem big shot on his weekend off, but Cheshire''s Michael Jones. If I remember rightly he did our televised game away at Colchester in December and had a quiet game. Hopefully that''s the last time he will need to be mentioned in relation to this game anyway.
  2. [url=http://www.fansfc.com/frontpage/frontpagenews.asp?newsid=179589]All I can find[/url]
  3. My understanding is he wore them for the Coventry game and has kept them on every game since as some sort of superstition...
  4. [quote user="sam"]oh dear norwich, thats your unbeaten run over, yet before todays game i have people telling me that norwich''s current form is promotion form er, don''t think so [/quote]What kind of form is 2 points per game then? Relegation?
  5. From the Bury website...Form Guide - Norwich City: Over the last six games, Norwich have won just one game, ironically on Saturday at Barnsley, drawn four (Bury at home, Crystal Palace away, Wolves and Charlton at home) and lost one (Scunthorpe United away). The Canaries have scored seven goals and conceded six goals.Somebody did their research.
  6. [quote user="Mello Yello"]Frustratingly (bar us) - all the lower strugglers are doing ok![:O][/quote]Nope... I never implied that...Just the Palace comeback in the second half was predictable, but a point isn''t a bad result at all, it''s a point more than I thought we''d get put it that way! And there is good news, Barnsley equalise in the last minute against Scunny. [:D]
  7. Blackpool 1-0 BurneyCharlton 1-2 ColchesterQPR 2-0 LeicesterScunthorpe 1-0 BarnsleySheff Wed 0-1 PrestonAstonishing set of scores at HT. Makes us taking points today absolutely crucial.
  8. [quote user="The Bucketman"]Poor referee? Is this the same man that songle handedly led Derby to victory at Carrow Road last season/. Or have I got it wrong? [/quote]Certainly haven''t.
  9. [quote user="sts"]I don''t think we will have a problem with Probert.  He has already refereed this season and caused us no problems.  [/quote]Having been to the Southampton game at the end of last season and the Palace game this season, I thought he was over fussy on both occasions. Admittedly the Stoke game passed off without much event, but then I wasn''t there to see it. I just feel he''s a poor referee.
  10. If Wolves happen to take the lead, then my tip would be waste as much time as possible, Probert is in charge tomorrow.So here''s hoping we don''t go behind... 2-1 with them getting a late consolation for a tense finish.
  11. [quote user="Web Team - Pete"][quote user="Useless pigs lost me money"] A Player who is dismissed from the Field of play for Violent Conduct, Serious Foul Play or spitting at an opponent or any other person, whether he has previously been cautioned in the match or not, will be suspended automatically from playing football in any match including non-First Team matches commencing forthwith. [/quote] Well now I''m confused again as he wasn''t sent off for any of these offences.... [/quote]For F&AL...(d) PLAYERS SENT OFF UNDER LAW 12 (6)A Player who is dismissed from the Field of Play for using offensive orinsulting or abusive language/gestures, whether he has previously beencautioned in the match or not, will be suspended automatically from allapproved First Team matches commencing forthwith, and until such time ashis Club’s First Team has completed its next two matches in approvedCompetitions.So it''s definitely automatic, but that confuses me since according to that he only gets a 2 game ban. [:|] Not that that affects us.
  12. Another thing to note - look at the difference between where Palace were then and where they are now!
  13. [quote user="Web Team - Pete"]Suspensions take 7 days to kick in so he can play [/quote]Not necessarily true Pete; when Dion was sent off at Charlton he was immediately suspended for the Wolves game 4 days later. Shackell was sent off in that game against Wolves and was suspended for the Man City game 3 days later.The reserve system must be different.
  14. [quote user="cityangel"][quote user="Quantum"]I always thought a straight red (which Mills'' was) warrented an ''automatic'' 3 match ban that starts immediately; whereas an accumulation of 5 yellow cards requires a 7 day period for the suspension to be processed. May well be wrong there, but the CAFC site make it sound as though today was his last appearance for the club as a result of his sending off.[/quote] I''m confused, did he get a yellow and then a straight red or two yellows and a red? [/quote]He got a yellow in the first half but a straight red for foul and abusive language in the second half, just like Hucks got a couple of years ago at Stoke. So will be a 3 match ban just a case of when it starts.
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