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  1. a nice fella but like ncfc just a cheap replacement for earnie. like himor not earnie would score 20 a season in this div.
  2. send him back hes no better than what we have id rather we tried someone else in jan!!
  3. we should be beating sides like colchester not settling for a draw!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! god we were beatin man utd a few yrs ago!!!!!!!!!!! i woouldnt mind but we were awfull!!!! lucky to get a point!!
  4. 1-1 own goal granville!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! get out of gail city!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. 72% possession colchester according to bbc sport!!!!!!!! just not good enough
  6. god we are so poor!!!!!!69% possession to colchester we really are in for a relagation battle
  7. 1-0 colchester!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! norwich are utter rubbish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. i hope glen switches dublin to the back four we need leadership at the back. cant believe the 1m was not paid for taylor the board has no ambition. weve had plenty of cash from recent sales of earnie, etu, safri, green, mckenzie!!!! same old excuses the board dont deserve 25000 ever game sayin that they wont get it in div1!!!!!!!!!!my team..                           MARSHALLSEMMY     DUBLIN    SHAKS    CAMARACROFT      FOZZY     PATERSON    HUCKS                   EVANS        CUERTON SUBS, ARNOLD,DOC,RUSTY,MARTIN, SMITH.......thinkk chadders is still injured!!
  9. this is another must win game like the blackpool game. i will be disappointed even with a draw. we must be beating the likes of plymouth at home if we have any chance of stayin up!!! COME ON CITY!!! we can win 2nite!
  10. agreed. we must win 2nite if we are to stand any chance of stayin up even a draw to me isnt a good result. we are at home 24,000 fans they will be lucky if they bring 150 fans. this is a big chance to finally get off the bottom of the league. a defeat will bring us back to where we started and i for one will  think the worst!!!! i am confident that we can win 2nite though!!! COME ON CITY!!!!!!!!!!
  11. hucks is available for tues night. pattison played very well on his debut and i can understand not changing a winning side. dublin seemed to get a knock and at 38yrs may not be 100% for the blackpool game. i wonder if hucks could play upfront with jamie?? hucks is the most creative player in the side and can make things happen, just like saturday with the team we could see a new hucks under roeder!. i wouldnt change the midfield so wondered what others think. can hucks and jamie form a good partnership?? or will roeder  use either brown or evans if dublin is not fit. the problem is brown just isnt a goal scorer, dublin cant play week in week out for 90mins because of his age and evans is unproven at this level. i know alot will say hucks is better on the left and cant play upfront but he has played upfront before and scored  goals like last season when  earnie was injured. i think maybe they could play together upfront. it would certinally stop us playin the long ball and move the ball through the midfield instead. both hucks and jamie have good pace and both have good goalscoring records in this division. a midfield or pattison, fozzy, russell, chadwick and jamie and hucks upfront would that work? what do others think?? ?
  12. quashie would be a great signing just wat we need!!!
  13. hi all, speaking with my newcastle mate just now on the phone. he says hes a good young player an attacking young winger!!! will put pressure on hucks to perform and hopefully get rid on that waste of space lappin!!!! well done glen!!!! need a striker and centre mid now!!
  14. a point isnt good enough we need a win against these. we are 4 point adrift we need wins!!!! think chadwick is injured not sure wat we going to play on the left side of midfield???                                                                  MARSHALL SEMMY                                SHACKELL               TAYLOR                LAPPIN   CROFT                               RUSSELL                      BRELLIER            ?????????                                            CUERTON               BIG DAVE   SUBS, GILKS, MARTIN, SPILLANE, SMITH, ????????   not sure about left midfield smith looked uncomfatable therelast time also a place on th bench what do other think??
  15. hes just turned 35 yrs any chance of sorting the midfield out lee???? others have played older!!!
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