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  1. Decent atmosphere? It''s not our ground thats more suited to southern league football or located in a dodgy red light distrct in a 2nd rate town (not even a city)
  2.   It''s the players need supporting Some one needs to take charge and get them mental help because i wouldn''t be suprised if they all had breakdowns soon enough
  3. Surely we dont part with good hard cash for this lot to perform as they do? They sure aint playing anything resembling football.... Have Trading Standards been informed?  They could fine them for misrepresentation, fraud and downright offensive behavoir - that should raise enough to attract Jose as the new manager!!!
  4. Hear Hear Fuel. Delia and MWJ deserve loyalty - something that most so called "fans" on this site dont know the meaning of. I cant believe that some are now harking back to Chase - either short memories, too young to remenber or just plain Ipswich fans IMO! How calling for the board to go will solve our problems god only knows - some players continue with their "cant do wont do attitude" - these have played under Worthy, Grant and now Duffy and no board or manager changes will have any effect on their self centered egotistical attitude. I would like to see the back of both Doncaster and Munby but as for the rest as far as I am concerned they offer the best hope we have.  
  5. HUCKERBY................................... roll on January if i''m concerned, he isn''t interested, doesn''t put the effort in, and for a winger or wherever his proper position is, he''s old, we should sell him and get some value from him before he isn''t worth it at all............  
  6. Spot on jtbk. The strength of this club is team spirit - hucks is getting far too fond of running to the press to whinge and its not on. Undermining managers/clubs is hardly the sign of a player with a positive outlook Safri was a cracking player but the habit of his people to apparently manipulate the publicity machine in the interest of self promotion was not acceptable. Etuhu? Well, best described by PNE fans as a "Tower of Apathy" and so strange how all his critics now cite his leaving as a reason to justify Delia and MWJ to step down. IMO the biggest negative influence on this club are the whinging element who seem to thrive on bringing us down.
  7. Muppets. Bye Bye Huckerby, Shackell,  and a few others that also dont have either the heart or professionalism to fight for the shirt - then maybe we may get somewhere....
  8. he knows all the answers, speaks a lot of sense, Bring him in...!:)
  9.   If you are reading this your too close to the computer screen and its bad for your eyes...........................
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