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  1. On occasions when an incident such as that involoving Vaughan on Sunday or say a ball crossing the goal line and not being given as a goal, why if later seen to be a clear error can''t the FA award one goal in retrospect?  We would have a point from Sunday and so would WBA.  Had WBA been 2-0 up we would not see any benefit points-wise, but at least it would have been one more on the goals for total at the end of the season and we would not feel so aggrieved.  Not only because we ended up with nothing from the game, but also because the next three teams to play WBA will reap the reward that should be due to us. The problem is that the current system only penalises the offending team, but with no recompence to the team against whom the offence was committed.  I fully expect lots of replies telling me why this wouldn''t work and if so, that''s fine, but can anyone think of some way in which the injustice can be corrected?    
  2. With just 2 points from a possible 6 and WBA being one of the teams percieved to be in ''our'' part of the Prem, it really ought to be a win for us.  So going for 2 - 1 to Norwich on the basis that WBA will of course be awarded a penalty.  But if we go down to ten men again we will lose.
  3. To attempt to defend a 0-0 scoreline against that kind of firepower would truly be suicide and I suspect would end up being an absolute creaming. I think we have to play our own game and hope we can do it well enough to come out of it with credit and dignity and I honestly believe this offers a far greater chance of a 0-0 than turning up for the game with defence as the priority.  If we are not good enough then so be it, there is no disgrace in losing to a team that is expexted to finish either first or second at the end of the season.
  4. [quote user="Joanna Grey"]It was the first day of the season, it was not just us finding their feet. Give it a few more games and then we can really see where our weaknesses are.[/quote] Very true, but by then the transfer window will be closed and we will have to live with any such weaknesses until January.  I think our hope must be that this is a repeat of last season when we were ''woken-up'' by Watford and there followed a rapid improvement.     
  5. [quote user="YankeeCanary"] [quote user="25overpar"]I''m sure this has been covered before, but I can''t find the thread.  I have a few days off over the next two weeks and thought I might go to Colney to watch some training.  Does anyone know when the public are allowed in? [/quote] Why don''t you spend those days getting in some solid golf practice time then, perhaps, you can change your name to GreensInRegulation.  [/quote] Sadly Yankee, there aren''t enough days left in my life to achieve that, let alone the few I get off work! 
  6. I''m sure this has been covered before, but I can''t find the thread.  I have a few days off over the next two weeks and thought I might go to Colney to watch some training.  Does anyone know when the public are allowed in? 
  7. Just wondering if anyone has heard anything about who might be replacing Neil Adams on Canary Call and in the Radio Norfolk commentary box?
  8. That''s because it''s being covered bu ESPN.
  9. [quote user="official_mushy"] He''s a right back who currently plays in the Austrian League for Red Bull Salzburg. In 2009 he was involved in a fatal car crash, while driving he killed a cyclist. He was found guilty for speeding and so causing the accident and was given a 1 year prison sentence, which at the moment is suspended for a 1 year probation.   Thought I''d pass this on. [/quote] Does this mean if we sign him and he gets 2 yellow cards he has to go to prison for a year!?
  10. I''ve been trying for well over an hour to log on to the Pink''un website and all I get is a blank white screen with the exception of "NO GAMEKEY FOUND" written in the top left corner.  I can go straight to the message board via GOOGLE with no problem, but I can''t get the Home Page.  Is anyone else having this problem?  And if anyone knows what "NO GAMEKEY FOUND" means, could you please let me know. 
  11. I don''t think it matters if PL is on holiday because as I understand it it''s McNally who does the business after having been given PL''s shopping list.  As for who might yet arrive I have no idea, but I expect another keeper, right-back, centre-back and mid-fielder and probably nobody costing more than £3.5m, leaving money available for January.  
  12. Sorry JG I promise I''ll try to keep up.  But there''s soooooo much going on at the moment and it''s difficult to know what''s true or just guesswork or just complete tosh. However, it could just be my age.................I''m almost 117 and three quarters you know!   
  13. [quote user="lappinitup"] As it seems almost certain he''s coming here I think this is worth a look.....   Elliott Bennetts Brighton Goals   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rN5lZHsm8TM [/quote] Well Brighton have just signed a new winger (Will Buckley) for £1m......A replacement maybe?
  14. [quote user="Evil Monkey"]I''d also like them to ban anyone of a certain size who uses their seat like their home sofa, spreading themselves out into the surrounding area, legs akimbo, arms and elbows nestled into the ear cavity of their neighbours. I go to the ground to watch football, not to spend 90 minutes touching knees with a stranger.[/quote] If it was W.I.T.S. I certainly would!
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