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  1. 108) People who shop at Morrisons will not be offered a contract.
  2. Of course they think he''s worth a shot, he played for Barcelona. Whether that was 1st team or not, its still Barcelona. I say sign him up tbh, if hes worth a punt, then why not.
  3. [quote user="rjwc22"]Probably transferring from the transfer kitty![/quote]We have a transfer kitty?
  4. NelsonSemmy, Doherty, Stefanovic, DruryCroft, Rusty, Lappin, BertrandLee, McDonald.Subs: Smith, Daley, Pattison, Martin, Rudd.
  5. [quote user="Nuff Said"][IMG]http://i40.tinypic.com/xc4uj5.jpg[/IMG][/quote]Dinner, My Place?
  6. I have a few T-Shirts, all foreign or England though.Red Bull SalzburgInternazionale4 England TopsVillarreal and FC Schalke (Coming Soon)
  7. All this talk of the Shackell - Doc partnership may have some truth, but would you rather have 2 centre backs who are primarily centre backs or someone whos just "Filling In?" We''ve got what we''ve got now, and let us hope that it will do us some good. I agree with Nexus, when we appointed Gunn, we didn''t expect to win every game, and be fair to him, hes doing his best, and hes done what he can to help the club "He Loves!" Thats another part of the mix you have to consider, he loves this club, and knows everything inside it inside out. He hasn''t been in charge long, so why are people already critising every move he makes?
  8. If you can provide evidence that he is the player you say he is... then please do.I have yet to see Fozzy show all of his potential, although that said, I personally don''t think he has a lot.He needs to be more, how can I put it, aggressive, show some bloody spirit.So how you can be defending someone who doesn''t give his all and doesn''t deserve to be playing for I*swich is beyond me....And also... Football players get criticism, its a way of life, they expect and can handle it.So... therefore... you are either deluded, or unaware of the existence of CONSTRUCTIVE Criticism, which most of it is.Some isn''t, but why do you care? It isnt you or anyone you know....Think about it...
  9. [quote user="The Great Revival. "]I live next to my neighbour.[/quote]was that really necessaryand mate of mine used to live near Alex Notman, he was a true gent, went into his house once and helped put a pool table in.
  10. Marshall, now there is another legend in the making. If he stays with us, he will be HUGEBack to Hucks, it will be sad to see him leave, but all footballers have to move oni personally want him to stay, but if he cant settle for super sub status, he has to move onhe doesnt have the legs for the english leagues fact pace anymore, but i reckon if he can get the legs for 60mins, he could still play a vital partbut it doesnt matter now i spose, hes leaving and thats that now.
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