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  1. ....and please don''t jump down my throat if this has been discussed before, I can''t see a recent thread.
  2. Jesus, I''ve just wasted 15 minutes of my life ploughing through 5 pages of utter rubbish on why Kevan Platt might have resigned. You don''t know, I don''t know, none of us do, yet 5 pages of utter tripe and I''m making it worse. In all those 5 pages the only glimmer of interest came in this bit from City Angel. The rest - is he ill, has he fallen out with McNally, is he worth 18 words or 118 ? Face it folks, we ain''t finding out, . I''ve now wasted 19 minutes, and I''m no nearer finding out something I don''t actually care about. I''m gonna keep looking though.
  3. I''ve just spent a couple of hours going through every Premiership Squad, and Jesus strikers are rarer than a Drury goal. If you accept we aren''t going to get a Michael Owen big name, most clubs are playing with 3 or 4 recognised strikers, meaning managers won''t let them go. Obertan at United would be lovely. Although he is more of a wide man, he has played up the middle for France U21, and would work in a nice 3 alongside WH and GH. Realistically a reach for us. Joshua King at United is also well rated, but young and untested. One option could be Zavon Hines at West Ham, he was fantastic last year before getting injured, West Ham have a bucket of strikers and we could probably afford him. He''s been on the bench for West Ham, but they have Obinna and Keane to come back. Last one, and its an oldie - Kevin Phillips at Birmingham. he knows where the goal is though. Failing that we know there isn''t much in the Championship - we could be stuck with what we have .
  4. I''ve no problem with more threads, surely now is the time we want info, and the talksport things is perfectly fair. If he goes, it will be because he wants to be closer to Scotland, or money or both.
  5. And because his wife and 4 kids are still in Houston, Scotland, he''s never been ok with it and Burnley is a fk of a lot closer than Norwich.
  6. Its Jon Marsh. I couldn''t find anything about who he is, but I read it that he is not some punter off the street. He was also the lead singer of The Beloved.
  7. ...that Lambert has quit. Sure it doesn''t give any details, but its clearly worded. See the Transfer clockwatch (time 3.38) on sportinglife.com If this has been on the website already, please don''t jump down my throat, I can''t keep up with the pace at the moment!
  8. I agree, Doherty had a poor game against Colchester, when he was given no shield in the middle of midfield, but until Lambert turned, Doherty wasn''t even aware he had any problems. He was up there with our best players last year, yet 85% of saturday''s Pink Un poll said we are better off without him - its crazy.  Experience is what gets you out of League One, and Doc has got 300 high level appearances and 30 International caps under his belt.  One poor game doesn''t make you fit for the scrapheap (just as the odd good run doesn''t make you a world beater.....Smith, Adeyemi, Daley......)
  9.                         Theoklitis Spillane    Askou   Docherty Drury Russell   Hughes   Tudor Jones Hoolahan       McDonald         Holt
  10. WHOOAAAAAAAAA, hold your horses.  He''s done ok, but if we are pinning our hopes on him, we are in trouble.  "Brilliant" is not a word to describe him just yet, and the Premier League - are you serious? How on earth can you tell? Adeyemi, Daley, Spillane, Smith, Stephens - they may come good, but we are a massively under-performing club currently 14th in the Third Division, who got thumped by a Premier League Reserve side.  I know you should bring the youngsters through, but too much, too soon for me. I''d like to see him work with Gill, TJ, Russel, Hoolahan first.
  11. That''s just not true.  Hughes departure did not turn the game, for the previous 10 minutes MKD had come back into it..  The simple fact is that we were very poor tonight - they got their pen, we didn''t but it doesn''t disguise the fact that MKD thoroughly deserved 3 points.  Aside from the first 15 minutes when we played football, all we had was hoof it up to Holt.  If this is progress, then shoot me.  I would love Adeyemi, Smith, Martin, Spillane and Daley to come through, but at the moment it looks like what it is - men vs boys. 
  12. Good Luck to you sir.  Must get an Atlantic summit together sometime (there are now a whopping 6 of us), NY is our closest point of civilisation. OTBC, Bermuda Canaries
  13. Which player dragged his fellow players to applaud the fans after the humiliation at Charlton, yep, the fat, useless loanee, who ran his heart out in every game I saw him play. If we had 11 Alan Lee''s we wouldn''t be in League One this year.
  14. Neither of us were right, but you were closer.........In the build-up to Euro ''96, Watson led a Hong-Kong Select XI against Terry Venables European Championship bound side. The Select XI was comprised of a hotch-potch of Hong Kong club players and veteran Premiership stars - and were supposed to give England a morale-boosting send-off by conceding a glut of goals. Watson, however, has never accepted defeat easily in his life and the Select XI severely embarrassed England''s best. Article doesn''t say what the score was, but I think it was 1-0 to England.
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