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  1. My long term girlfriend is from a family of ''Man U'' fans, obviously none of them are from/have any connections with Manchester or have any reason to support them other than ''i''ve always supported them'' and ''i once went to see them'' It does my head in! I''m now running out of polite responses when her dad or auntie etc attempt a bit of ''footy banter''!
  2. Can anyone remember anything of this game? It was my first ever game when i was 9, can''t find any match reports but i remember us winning 1 nil, someone getting carried off on a stretcher (Dale Gordon?) & it was the greatest day of my life at the time!
  3. Not including previous loanees can you think of any of our ex-players still currently playing you''d like to see playing for us again one day, only ones i can think of are Rob Green & Craig Bellamy - any others?
  4. Not the way i''d go from Scotland to Japan...
  5. What?? Would you have preffered him to be in our squad yesterday or Cardiff''s?
  6. So you''re sayin there''s nothing he could offer us?
  7. Its about time we got him on a short term deal - say 2 months, would give us another option up front
  8. Totally agree with Roeder on this one, stamping his authority with good reason (as he should as manager) I also agree with his comment about Hooly being a big fish in a small pond at Blackpool, that is not the case here
  9. A short-term / pay as you play deal has got to be a winner for all, he''s still got a lot to offer at this level & would offer us something completely different (esp. as a sub) but we don''t want to be ''lumbered'' with him for anything longer than 2/3 months incase of fitness, injuries etc 
  10. For some reason i think it''ll be an open game, 3-2 defeat i''m afraid
  11. If all were immediately available for todays game, straight into the team 1, Iverson 2, JFH 3, Steve Howard 4, Andy Bishop 5, Alan Lee(??)
  12. Remembering last season at home V Cardiff, JFH was not exactly prolific, although you had a feeling there was potential for him to be a real threat I for one would rather him on the pitch for us rather than against us  
  13. Agreed, a good performance (as V Cov) with a point will be a good day away to Cardiff
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