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  1. But the thing is they have been awesome since spending over £3 Million on there 3 new midfield players, who I''m afraid to say look very good indeed!
  2. Scummer friend tells me reports are that Ipswich are having last minute talks with a defender, and It''s either Taylor or Rob Jones from Hibs.
  3. If he leaves the Toon it will be to join a bottom half prem side.
  4. I see Magilton has stated that he has no intention of trying to sign Taylor so that''s a positive. One less club to compete with.
  5. He''s a bloody good player for the championship so would be very surprised if he''s not subject to offers from five clubs or more. Derby may even nab him?
  6. Rumour going about is that Ipswich have placed a bid for Taylor, but its just short of the £1m asking price, lets hope Brum stick to there guns and turn the bid down.
  7. 1- Ipswich without question have far more money, we all know the state we''re in. 2- Not much in it from a non bias perspective. Both teams have been poor over recent years but Ipswich have the better history if you go way back. Obviously they are in a play off spot and we could be back in the bottom three come Sunday, so they must shade this one. 3- I''d probably fall asleep if I had a conversation with Glen, he''s an incredibly boring man, however , he should have the better contacts in the game which is a big bonus. Magilton looks to be potentially good manager, has lots of passion and as mentioned would be able to sell his club to potential players far more enthusiastically than Glen. Saying that he can''t have many useful contacts. So can''t really call it, but I''m afraid they may also shade this one too [:(]
  8. Wow!! The Exeter fans will be excited [:P]
  9. A friend of mine is a electrician who does odd jobs at Ipswich''s training ground on Playford road, he claims he saw Taylor along with Derick Bowden (one of the Town board ) and another chap who presumably was his agent? [:(]   He''s a Colchester fan so doubt he''d make it up..
  10. He''s a good player and would be a force in the Championship, love to see him here!
  11. Why are some City fans so bitter and twisted over Ipswich coming into a bit of luck for a change? Good luck to them I say..And no I''m not a town fan, far from it. I''m just not jealous of there good fortune of late. A number people here on the forum got all excited at the opportunity to snipe when they thought Ipswich were trialing Dalglish, but you must feel quite silly now I''d have thought, Lets concentrate on what''s going on at our club. After all we ain''t in a play off spot are we!
  12. Calm down guys...   http://ipswichtown.myfootballwriter.com/full_article.asp?i=2355   Lets face it, why would a club with £12,000000 sign that loser!
  13. Did any of you seriously think a Club with the Money and ambition of Ipswich town would take Dalglish on trial? He''s a friend of their coach and is there simply to keep his fitness up while he looks for a club.
  14. Another season of mid table mediocrity or worse beckons while this pathetic excuse for a manager is in charge. He has no tactical nous and from what I can tell commands very little respect from the players. Almost want things to go wrong just to get him out the door sooner rather than later.
  15. 3 points in the bag!!   Feeling confident, don''t have a clue why though??
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